бетоносмесительная установка hzs90

The concrete mixing plant produced by Camelway Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale complete set of equipment for the production of fresh concrete, capable of producing plastic, semi-rigid, and dry-hard concrete in compliance with national standards, and is widely used in urban commercial roads, roads, bridges, and dams. Construction sites for large and medium-sized infrastructure such as airports and docks. The mixing station is a high-productivity, high-intelligence, high-reliability, high-environment-friendly product developed on the basis of absorbing the mixing technology and control technology of advanced mixing stations at home and abroad, combined with the actual conditions of domestic concrete mixing equipment. Highly modular and other characteristics of the mixing equipment. The entire equipment consists of aggregate silo, aggregate belt conveyor, powder silo, screw conveyor, mixer, metering system, water supply system, gas system, control system, and main frame. They are all independent module structures and have the following features: :
1. Stirring performance

The mixing machine is the first mixer in the industry. Its decades of development experience has made it highly reliable; high pressure cleaning device to achieve automatic cleaning of each plate, double-opening door discharge quickly Smooth, non-residual material mixing arm streamline design, low resistance and long life, strong stirring ability, good mixing quality, high productivity, high reliability, compliance with national standards require plastic, semi-rigid, hard dry and other Concrete can achieve good mixing.
This device has the following significant advantages:
■ Equipped with multiple shaft end seal protection devices and air pressure seal devices, effectively preventing the occurrence of leakage phenomena;
■ The unique mixer monitoring system can monitor the working status of the gearbox and discharge pump electric lubricant at any time;
■ The new dedicated lubricant pump provides powerful power and can provide a higher level of grease to the shaft head, improving the service life of the seal, eliminating the need to clean the dispensing valve;
Heavy duty design and stable operation
■ Multi-mixing cutter head design, 45°, 60°, 90°, multi-arm type available;
■ Optional mixer weighing protection device;
■ Super agitation ability, can make the concrete achieve even stirring effect in a short stirring time, suitable for different stirring occasions.
2.Simple and clear operation
The control system adopts the reasonable control method of IPC+PLC, which can be automatically or manually operated. The operation is simple and easy to master. It has a good man-machine communication interface, dynamic panel display, and can clearly understand the operation of each component. A monitor is installed at the concrete unloading hopper to provide a clear view of the concrete mixer truck. Moreover, the production records of concrete can be stored and printed, and the networking function can also be supported according to the requirements of users.
3.measurement accuracy and stability
The entire measurement system component, whether it is aggregate, powder or water and liquid admixtures, the main components of the measurement and control system are imported Toledo products, the weighing system is controlled by the whole computer, and the sampling speed reaches 120 More than microseconds, with drop correction and automatic compensation, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement. The application of sand moisture content measurement technology ensures the stability of concrete mix ratio.

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