Introduction of oncrete mixing plant working process

Concrete mixing plant produces concrete for roads, construction, port and other infrastructure needs. So, after the user purchases concrete mixing station, its installation is the most important step. What installation steps will concrete mixing station follow ?

plant batcher

First of all, the installation of the concrete mixing station should be done under the guidance of professional and technical personnel. In order to ensure the concrete mixing station can be installed in time, after the users negotiates with supplier, make a detailed plan according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and situation.

Secondly, after concrete mixing station connection is completed, the installation of each part needs to be checked one by one. For electrical systems, operating systems, mechanical systems and power lines, confirm the connection is correct, fix them firmly, and debug them under the guidance of the technical personnel.

Finally, after the debugging of concrete mixing station, according to the contract requirements and in accordance with the acceptance form, the two sides check equipment operation condition, if all the technical performance indicators conform to the provisions, concrete batching plant can be used.
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