220 v Building Need Small Concrete Mixer?

Concrete mixer is also part of a large machinery, is one of the necessary construction equipment and generally use 380 v three-phase electricity. But some in order to meet customer demands, concrete mixer manufacturers also produce 220 volts of small concrete mixer. When small concrete mixer with the voltage of 220 v, the concrete is also small, and the efficiency is low. This kind is small roller concrete mixer.

small concrete batching plant

Since the fall type small concrete mixer has a long history, as early as the beginning of the 20th century, the drum of concrete mixer driven by a steam engine started to appear. After the ’50 s, reverse discharging and tilting discharging the double cone mixer and cracked drum mixer appeared and developed. Since the fall of small concrete mixer structure is simple, general is given priority to the plastic concrete. For large engineering construction, we advise to choose a large concrete mixer, such not only can save manpower, material resources, and greatly improve the working efficiency.

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