5 Most common causes of the JS series concrete mixer downtime

5 Most common causes of the JS series concrete mixer downtime.JS series concrete mixer adopted the twin-shaft forced model,it can be used in mixing various types of concrete mixture and it’s high efficiency contribute to the vastly use in common construction zone. The following is a list of 6 most common causes of a JS series concrete mixer downtime.
1.mixing shaft stop working.
It’s presented as the mixing shafts stop spinning or spinning slowly. The possible reasons might be:
The loads beyond its capacity will lower the mixing shaft spinning frequency,if the loads much more than the capacity of the mixer it will stop spinning.
If it’s the overload cause the machine stop working,than you need adjust the loads,maybe unload the extra in order to rerun the machine.
(2)Aggregates being caught in the cleavage between the blades and the tank.
The big aggregates or other material catching in the cleavage between the blades and interior of the tank also could cause the mixer stop working,the reason why the aggregates can be caught in there is the width of the cleavages usually very big.
When the aggregates get caught in the cleavage,you can hear the loud noises while the mixer is working.when the situation appear you need stop the machine immediately,cut out the electricity and check it up personally and readjust the blades.
(3)Motor tape too loose
If the motor tap got too loose it could cause the inefficiency of the delivery motion power,in this case even a low loads can lead to the machine downtime.
If the cause of downtime is the motor tape get too loose,then you should adjust the convey system and tight the belts.
2.Abnormal noises
Abnormal noises from the mixer tank maybe it’s because there are aggregates stuck in the cleavage between the blades and interior appearance of the tank.the friction will increasing when this situation occurred.
3.the temperature too high on the reducer.
4.Shaft’s temperature too high

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