A Brief Introduction on Concrete Mixing Station Control System

The concrete mixing station automatic control system as the primary soft handling is a very important part of mixing station , then what is the working principle of automatic control system? Camelway Machinery will tell you.control system

Automatic control system is divided into two types: the system with a computer and the system without a computer. The system with a computer needs customers in accordance with the procedures to set ratio by themselves. Then a variety of weighing the proportion will flash on the computer. And initiating preliminary operation after setting up the ratio. The system without the computer would need to set up the keys, and then starting the initial operation.

Concrete mixing station automatic control system has the following features: Automatic zero stalking, digital calibration; storing ten kinds of recipes; you can set the number of ingredients; different material can be measured separately; hopper having a waiting function; save time and improve working efficiency ; modular structure is simple to operate, reliable, and easy to repair!

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