Admixtures Weighing System of HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

Admixtures weighing system consists of: admixture box, additive, corrosion resistant pumps, sensors, etc.

Admixtures Weighing System

L, mixing admixture pump: 50 DWB power: 2 * 0.75 Kw

2, admixture said volume: 40 l

3, admixture box: volume 2 m3

4, the weighing precision: plus or minus 1%

5, sensors: lOOKg * 2

6, cylinder: QGBQ40 * 50 – MF1

System description:

Admixture pump under the control of the control system, admixture pumping admixture box, measured by the sensor juice to the preset value, the water pump shut down. When discharging cylinder open, make the admixture flowing water weighing hopper, together with the water into the blender.Another pump at the same time continue to work cycle admixture, stirring effect, in case of admixture precipitation, water pump out of the microcomputer control switch.

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