Advantages of concrete mixing machines using diesel engines

First, the diesel cooker has high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption. The effective thermal efficiency of the diesel engine is 30% to 46% higher than that of the high pressure steam turbine and the fuel burner, so the fuel consumption is low.
Followed by mixing station equipment compact, unit power quality light: with steam turbine. Diesel generator sets of equipment is relatively simple, less auxiliary equipment, small size, light weight, so diesel generator sets of metal on the low, the unit effective kilowatts quality: low-speed diesel engine for the 34-68kx / kw, towel diesel engine for 20 a 48kx / Kw, high-speed diesel engine for ll a 14kx / kw, while the steam power plant than the diesel engine of this indicator more than 4 c.
Moreover, the diesel mixing station equipment to start quickly, and can quickly reach the full power: diesel engine steaming; only a few seconds in the emergency state can ZE lmm with full load. In the normal working state 15-30min to bring full load, and steam power plant from start to full load with the general need 3 a cents. Diesel engine downtime is also very short, you can frequent start and stop.
There are diesel mixer cooling water consumption. Small enough water: Diesel engine unit dry tile cooling water frog for 46-ll 2L / (kW.k) and condensing steam turbine for 48D-610L / (kW / h), a difference of almost 10 times.
Diesel mixer stand capacity level: diesel generator unit stand-alone capacity from tens of dry to tens of thousands of kilowatts, the current domestic unit maximum capacity of several thousand dry watts. Used for high-rise buildings b large bridge construction, tunnel construction, industrial and mining enterprises, military facilities, emergency power station and standby power station stand-alone capacity. Can choose a large range, can use more than 10 kinds of capacity load.
Another concrete mixing station mechanical maintenance operation is simple, less operator required. Easy maintenance.
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