Advantages of the screw conveyor in concrete mixing station

Today concrete mixing stations are selected screw conveyors because screw conveyors can deliver cement silo into the concrete mixer without exposing in air. Screw conveyor is directly connected between the concrete mixer and cement silo, and all transport processes are sealed. It is useful to avoid the dispersion of cement dust into the air, resulting in concrete mixing station environmental problems.
There is another advantage that is able to transport cement without exposure to air moisture for screw conveyor. We know that the cement exposed in air for a long time will harden metamorphosis. Screw conveyor not only handles this question, but also makes concrete mixing station produce a higher quality concrete.camelway
We know that the concrete mixer equipment is always arranged at a very high position to facilitate the discharge concrete, to ensure that mixed concrete can be directly discharged into the concrete tank without the machine transporting . This needs to transport cement from the lower uphill concrete mixer. And to meet this demand, that is the choice of screw conveyors, belt and transported material will form back, so we are still the best choice of screw conveyor.
Some elements of the mechanized transport equipment is still the best use of screw conveyor in concrete mixing station.

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