Aggregates Batching System of Concrete Batching Plant

  1. The stable performance of the sensor:less shaking, sensor signal is more stable, more low failure rate;batcher
  2. Precise batching scale: more accurate compared with former driver weighing, belt working face natural pine, reduce the effect of belt tension on the weighing sensor, to ensure that the weighing signal is more stable and accurate;
  3. Flexible precise way of senders: adopting the frequency control of motor speed and special photoelectric encoder velometer, measuring compensation more timely and flexible;Accurate compensation make more accurate aggregate ingredients;Provide troubleshooting report to the police, at any time to maintain the entire equipment safe and continuous production.      batcher
  4. More practical conveyor belt: the skirt belt, to avoid the guard board and the application of extrusion effect on weighing sensor, thus ensuring sensor data more real and effective, makes the measurement more accurate
  5. Professional qualification: issued by the technical supervision bureau of belt weighing metering technology certification
  6. More optional configuration: in view of the silt content larger materials, providing customers with arch breaker with ingredients, to ensure that the material flow, meet the production requirements, at the same time also can guarantee the quality of finished product.

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