Analysis of various types of concrete mixer

According to the nature of the work is divided into intermittent ( batch ) and continuous;
According to the mixing principle is divided into self-falling type and forced type;
According to the installation method is divided into fixed and mobile;
According to the discharging mode, the tipping type and the non – tipping type are divided;
According to the mixing drum structure form is divided into pear type, drum type, biconical, disc vertical shaft type and circular groove horizontal shaft type, etc.
1,   according to the nature of the work points:
( 1 ) periodic work mixer; ( 2 ) continuous work mixer.
2,   according to the principle of mixing points:
( 1 ) self – falling mixer; ( 2 ) forced mixer.
3,   according to the shape of mixing barrel points:
( 1 ) drum type; ( 2 ) cone type; ( 3 ) disc.

In addition, the mixer is divided into split drum type and circular groove type ( i.e., horizontal shaft type ) mixer.

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