Analysis on Common Failure of Concrete mixer

1, the seal failure of shaft end
Shaft end connecting motor and the concrete mixer drum is one of the important transmission device, is also the core component of the mixer. In the process of work, concrete mixer are administered sealing treatment, but the actual work, the shaft end is often covered with dust. After the mortar into the shaft end, the bearing will wear and damage.


Solution: check the oil of oil equipment, cleaning bearing, shaft sleeve parts of the cement mortar in a timely manner.

2, the residual material wear machine

In the process of mixing, these substances can cause mixing drum wall wear and tear, especially the blender is not clear in time after use, the dry and harden substance can cause the mixing barrel and mixing blade wear, so it will impact blender normal use and reduce the production efficiency.

Solution: check gap between blades and mixer tanks, timely cleaning, prevent slurry drops into the gap to cause damage to the concrete mixer.

3, the dust removal problem

The dust is destructive to the concrete mixer in a certain extent, and it affect the service life of machine.
Solution: to check the condition of the filter timely, and often clean or replace the filtration.

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