Analysis on the Quality of Concrete Mixing Station Equipment

How to choose concrete mixing station? The quality of concrete mixing station directly depends on the service life of concrete mixing station. Then we’ll have a brief analysis about the concrete mixing station below how to select good quality of mixing station.

First, if the self-loading mixer mixing tube that its buckle circle of the mixing drum beat circle diameter is not beyond 1% of the inlet diameter. Then view quality of the shaker screen mixer, the reasonable measure of screen mesh and mesh, and the accuracy of the device’s screen.
Second, the work of the drive system to be sensitive, no abnormal sound.
Third, the belt conveyors, bucket-and-belt elevator, dragline and other gears work smoothly and to be sensitive. Its brake can be high and there is no abnormal noise, no card chain.camelway

Fourth, check the sensitivity and accuracy of measurement systems.
Fifth, Pay attention to temperature of reducing machine and to reach a temperature of qualified book.
Sixth, metering hopper to feed out smoothly, does not present the product material, flash and other phenomena.
Seventh, the safety valve can not appear air leakage.
Eight, the quality of the cement tank is qualified.

Ninth, the matching circuit device needs to be reasonable, equipment device needs to be accurate.


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