what is difference between batching plant and rmc plant?

A concrete plant, also known as a batch plant or batching plant or a concrete batching plant, is equipment that combines various ingredients to form concrete. Some of these inputs include water, air, admixtures, sand, aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.), fly ash, silica fume, slag, and cement.

Ready-mix concrete is concrete that is manufactured in a factory or batching plant, according to a set recipe, and then delivered to a work site by truck mounted in–transit mixers. This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites.

Batching plant is a batch of concrete that is not continuous, and the RMC plant can also be called Batching plant. However, he has high requirements for concrete and requires constant stirring during transportation.

New Style Karoo Mobile ready mix Batch Plants for sale

We manufacture mobile ready mix batch plants, with the following specifications:

SABS approved weighting system.

Discharge capacity 24-30 ton per hour(dry)

5.5KW Electric motor / 10Hp Diesel Engine

Water pump, water flow meter, measuring in l liter increments

600-750mm conveyor belt. Weather cover over belt

Special features
 Specially designed water ring for efficient mixing time.
 Non bridging & free flow of material from hopper.
 Collapsible support legs & 2x plinths.
 Conveyor belt cleaning bar.
 Rear mounted & detachable chevron board with stop/tail lights, cable & plug.
 Safety guards to Mine Standard.
 600mm discharge rubber sleeve & clamp.
 Low maintenance.

Overall dimensions
 In travelling position:
o Total length = 14 100mm
o Track width = 2 260mm
o Total width = 2 300mm
o Total height = 4 050mm
 In operating position:
o Hopper height = 3 300mm (B)
o Height under discharge = 3 700mm (D)
o Hopper width = 3 000mm (C)
o Total width = 2 300mm
o Total height = 4 600mm
o Total length = 14 000mm (A)

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Small concrete mixing station model recommended!

In general, the type of concrete batching plant used for small and medium-sized projects will not be too large, but many customers do not know how to choose a specific one. In this paper, we recommend several types of small concrete mixing plant models.

The production of small amount of concrete batching plant model mainly includes:

1.HZS25 type batching plant: The HZS25 type batching plant is a small-scale simple batching plant, which is also the smallest type of concrete batching plant model. The theoretical output of this equipment is 25 cubic meters per hour, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and convenient construction. The cost is relatively low, and it is suitable for large-scale prefabricated component factories and small roads, bridges, and other industrial and civil construction projects.

2.HZS35 type batching plant: The HZS35 batching plant adopts modular structure and modularization of the unit. It is very convenient for installation and removal. Compared with the HZS25 batching plant, the biggest difference is its different production efficiency. The HZS35 batching plant uses the JS750 forced mixer. The theoretical production capacity per hour is 35 cubic meters, and the user can specifically select the dual-station or single-station according to his own demand for concrete production.

3.HZS50 type batching plant: HZS50 batching plant is actually a simple configuration of HZS60 batching plant. The same as HZS60 batching plant uses js1000 mixer. It only differs in the way of feeding. It is really a 50 batching plant. The bucket loading method, which occupies less capital than the 60 batching plant, has a small footprint, a small number of deployed equipment, and a theoretical productivity of 50 cubic meters per hour. It is an ideal equipment for building bridges, roads, construction sites, and components.

The above is the configuration features of small-quantitative concrete batching plants such as HZS25, HZS35, and HZS50, as well as the applicable scope of each type of mixing plant, hoping to help you with more convenient choices. If you have any questions about choosing a batching plant, you can contact us [email protected]

Pakistan’s cement industry has grown rapidly while exhibiting external heat

According to the Pakistani “Business Record” report, from July to November 2015, Pakistan’s cement industry‘s domestic and international sales increased by 5.5% year-on-year, of which domestic sales increased significantly to 12.2 million tons, an increase of 15.64% over the same period of last year. 3.45 million tons fell to 2.56 million tons, a decrease of 25.73%.

The Pakistani cement industry is characterized by external cold and internal heat. On the one hand, it reflects the rapid growth of the real estate, transportation and other infrastructure areas in Pakistan and has a great potential. On the other hand, it also reflects the decline in the competitiveness of Pakistani exports. From a single month’s point of view, it also showed consistent characteristics. In November, the overall sales volume of the Pakistani cement industry increased by 11.49% year-on-year, of which sales in the domestic market increased by 20% to 2.84 million tons, and exports decreased by 19% to 530,000 tons.
Camelway Machinery has exported several sets of concrete batching plant to Pakistan. The operation is stable and we can contact us if necessary.

Concrete mixing station operating table operation

Before starting the concrete batching plant, it is necessary to check the following eight aspects: whether the limit switch is normal or not, whether there is an alarm on the running interface on the computer, the concrete mixer starts oblique belt, and the flat belt is started; the mixer starts; and the source pressure of the gas mixing station is started. After the pressure of the machine is 0.7MPa to meet the surrounding pressure; please disable the automatic production of concrete switch, “Prohibited specific” documents;
The control system of the concrete mixing plant is manually switched to “automatic”; then the emergency stop key switch is turned on, the concrete mixing station then passes the manual console power, the PLC and the instrument power supply display normal, open the UPS, and turn on the computer to check.
The control system console of the concrete batching plant has an emergency stop switch, the key switch is in the closed state, the distribution frame inside the console is in the OFF state, and the power switch on the main box under no load is closed (in the case of load Next, when the power switch is turned off inside the cabinet, it may cause collapse.
In the concrete mixing station control system self-checking matters needing attention: mixed control system operation is not skilled, please strictly follow the following steps. Make sure the computer input signal is normal. Open the silo bottom valve, mix material, feed valve, pump and fill valve aggregate storage bin filled with material, empty the host, the middle of each object needs careful and careful inspection.

How to efficiently manage a concrete batching plant?

The management of a concrete batching plant is a question from a university. The competition in the construction industry is very fierce. How to win the market is a test of the ability of the batching station administrator.

The management of the batching plant is an overall management with sales as the leader, production as the key, and technology as the core. Among them, production management is a management of a strict control process, requiring the detailed responsibilities of each job; cost management is achieved through specific requirements to reduce costs. In short, the management of the batching plant is a detailed management, and it can only be answered in more detail based on specific issues.

The management of a concrete batching plant is a team work. It is not one person’s ability to complete, and more needs the cooperation of all personnel. The staff is the core of the entire concrete mixing plant, and the management staff is the leader of the batching plant. The division of labor is rationally allocated to solve the problem of staff feedback.

The management must be detailed, and it must not be neglected. The task of arrangement must be followed up and verified in a timely manner. If it is not completed, corresponding measures must be taken. There is no rule that does not constitute a radius; management must be organized, and what people can do when they cannot do tasks. Not properly arranged, the swarms went to work, and the batching station soon became a mess. Therefore, organized management is very necessary.

Large concrete plant needs to know the problem in installation

Large commercial concrete mixing station after delivery to the user scene, then into concrete mixing plant equipment installation and debugging, the core stage, how to effectively guarantee the future installation of concrete mixing station low failure rate, and deal with small problems such factors, all need to users and large concrete mixing plant equipment understanding factory technical person

When debugging control system to reset the emergency button, closed electric power contained in the public, after connect on each branch circuit breaker, control circuit, power supply switches, control the power switch, observe the electrical system if there is any abnormal phenomenon, if have immediately check; Open the button of each motor and test run of the motor to correct, if not correct should immediately adjust; Start the pump concrete mixing station, after waiting for air pressure is achieved according to the button labeled start each pneumatic door, check whether the action is flexible; Zero and sensitivity for microcomputer; Check whether the switch of air compressor is normal, the barometer show whether it is right, adjust the pressure relief valve to standard scope; To test run of mixer, and see whether any ring, the parts whether can work normally; During the debugging of belt conveyor to operate, check whether the roller running in the process of operation, flexible to watch belt, does not have a swing, running deviation, edge grinding, skid, deformation, and so on and so forth; In the debug concrete batching machine must ingredients button, more to see if the precision of the flexible and can be configured, and then in the debug ingredients.

Camelway HZS75 Concrete Batching Plant Installed in Philippines

On March 14th, 2018, Camelway HZS75 concrete batching plant was successfully installed in the Philippines. Our client expressed his satisfaction with the plant because “it is of top quality as the previous one”. He put an order for a smaller plant in January, 2016 and did not put a second order until a year later when he had found no problem with the first plant.

The client is a concrete contractor who supplies concrete for several big construction companies, therefore, he needs plants of high efficiency and stable operation. Before he decided to buy from us, he just gave up another supplier in China, who attracted him by a low price. After the plant arrived and was put into use, however, it broke down frequently. Thus he became to be more careful and only bought a small plant from us at the very beginning. We sent two engineers to help him for the installation of HZS75 plant, which proved to be very smooth. Our HZS75 concrete batching plant, equipped with automatic control system, costs less and occupies less floor area. With a discharging height of 3.8m, it has two to four storage hoppers of 8 cubic meters each. It can be used separately or together with plants of other capacities. Customization is also acceptable. Beside, we have engineers available for oversea services. Welcome to contact us for more information!

How to produce high-quality concrete at low cost

The concrete mixing station is where various materials are mixed into the concrete. These materials include lime, sand, water, gravel, fly ash and cement.

The factory will be controlled by the operator, who uses the computer to enter the required dimensions of the concrete. After pressing the start button, various measurement data is input to the mixer. After that, the resulting mixture is released into the transport trunk and finally transported to the construction site.

How the concrete mixing plant works:

Four parts of a concrete mixing plant: Powder feeding, aggregate feeding, storage and transportation. The raw material is poured into a large container and then conveyed by a conveyor belt to a central mixer. Before the materials are delivered to the mixer, they will be weighed to maintain the consistency of the output. When the mixer’s control system is directly connected to the power supply, the system initialization will begin with the concrete slump, productivity, recipe number, and concrete grade. Each container is tested according to the weighing system.

The belt conveyor then begins to decompose and operate in order to convey the aggregate to the hopper. On the other hand, the cement tank and fly ash valve should be opened so that the mixture flows into the hopper. When the total weight of the material reaches a certain amount, the hopper door opens automatically. After the set time, the concrete mixer door opens and the concrete will flow into the concrete mixer truck.

Camelway Machinery is a company that specializes in concrete mixing plants and manufacturing engineering machinery. It has a wide range of products to meet every customer’s needs. We are well-known manufacturers and suppliers in this industry because we include a series of products with the best quality at competitive market prices.

How does the concrete mixing plant work?

The concrete mixing station consists of feeding, storage, mixing, unloading systems and control systems. But how the specific factory works, the details are as follows:

After the mixer power supply control system is completed, it enters the man-machine dialogue interface; the system will perform its own initialization process, including the process of formula number, concrete grade, slump, production quantity and so on. According to the weighing bin, the hopper is detected and an empty or full material signal is output, prompting the operator to determine whether to start the mixing control procedure. Start sand, stone belt motor feed hopper; open fly ash, cement tank valve, start the screw machine to transport fly ash to the motor, transport the cement to the weighing hopper; open tank and additive tank control valve allow water and additives to flow into the measurement hopper. After the measurement satisfies the setting requirements, the weighing hopper door is opened and the ingredients are mixed in the mixer. The stirring has started. The door opening time is set to the mixer, and the concrete has been connected to the vehicle mixture.

The working principle of the concrete mixing station is as above, hopefully it can help? Camelway Machinery‘s concrete plant equipment has first-class quality standards, quality assurance system and perfect after-sales service system, which has been recognized and praised by customers. You are welcome to inquire the relevant circumstances, we will be happy to serve you.