Automatic concrete batching plant in Tianjin of China

Automatic concrete batching plant processing model because of the work in related areas show the excellent performance and positive significance, it has become the New Year national promotion of one of the key direction.Introduction HZS keep up with the development of The Times, the Great Wall machinery to produce 80 tons of reaction type mobile station to realize the intelligent device, intelligent device for the models, agility and flexibility is strong, can freely move between cities, low noise, low pollution, were also hit by the people’s high praise, this model can effectively realize the recycling of construction wastes, promote concrete to develop in the direction of resource, pollution of leather HZS technology, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of technology, and solve the concrete processing problem of convenient, fast, to help solve those problems, concrete city will also be able to pull the city new economic growth point and regeneration aggregate can be used for mixing machine, water stable material etc, obtained the general customers the consistent high praise.Particles in 0-56 mm part accumulation to another place or to the next process silos, classified.
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Silo and classified model material in two mixing model will according to the particle 0 to 4, 4-8, 8-16-56 isolated. Particles at 0 to 4.Can be directly loaded with capacity of 400 m3 storage warehouse, the rest of the particles will once again be winnowing separator will light materials such as paper, plastic or wood was removed, into a volume in the bin 150 m3. Terminal use and dosing device particles in the bunker, add water to do in a microprocessor ingredients for mixing and loading, thus can production according to the demand of different building materials.Artificial aggregate system needed for the Great Wall of the Great Wall and run the project aggregate is the modern advanced mixer, blender, such as construction machinery model is made.China’s garbage disposal market has fallen from its early into the growth period, and are getting towards maturity.Production mode is basically a spade a sieve, heavy machinery or complete models, little or no production area sparsely populated, traffic inconvenience.Each mixer each have each advantages and disadvantages, are here today to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of type compound pendulum jaw crusher mixer.
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