Batching plant operating guide

Before starting the concrete batching plant, it is necessary to check the following eight aspects: whether the limit switch is normal or not, whether there is an alarm on the running interface on the computer, the concrete mixer starts oblique belt, and the flat belt is started; the mixer starts; and the source pressure of the gas mixing station is started. After the pressure of the machine is 0.7MPa to meet the surrounding pressure; please disable the automatic production of concrete switch, “Prohibited specific” documents;
The control system of the concrete mixing plant is manually switched to “automatic”; then the emergency stop key switch is turned on, the concrete mixing station then passes the manual console power, the PLC and the instrument power supply display normal, open the UPS, and turn on the computer to check.
The control system console of the concrete batching plant has an emergency stop switch, the key switch is in the closed state, the distribution frame inside the console is in the OFF state, and the power switch on the main box under no load is closed (in the case of load Next, when the power switch is turned off inside the cabinet, it may cause collapse.
In the concrete mixing station control system self-checking matters needing attention: mixed control system operation is not skilled, please strictly follow the following steps. Make sure the computer input signal is normal. Open the silo bottom valve, mix material, feed valve, pump and fill valve aggregate storage bin filled with material, empty the host, the middle of each object needs careful and careful inspection.

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