batching plant working rules

First. Preparation before operation
1. Transport and install the concrete mixing station according to the original manufacturer’s instructions, and carefully carry out debugging. Add rain protection facilities.
2. Check the storage area and raise the bucket to see if there are people or foreign objects. When the mixing plant is working, people and foreign objects are strictly prohibited in the above areas.
3. Check the oil level and oil quality of the gearbox. If there is insufficient oil, add it. Do not clean it and replace it.
4. Check the feed, discharge gates, and the wear of the mixing drum. When the wear exceeds the limit, it should be replaced in time.
5. Check all bolts should be tightened.
6. The rubber sleeve connecting the weighing hopper should not be subjected to tension and pressure. Otherwise it will affect the weighing accuracy.

Second, the work of attention
1. After starting the machine, carefully check the operation of the machine and check whether the rotation direction of each rotating part is in the same direction as the marked arrow.
2. Monitor closely whether each part works normally, pay attention to whether the voltage is stable, and immediately stop when abnormality is found.
3. Monitor various instruments at any time. Abnormalities should be promptly adjusted and handled.
4. During the operation of the machine, maintenance, maintenance, lubrication, fastening, etc. cannot be performed. Hand and feet should not be placed near gates, mixing drums, spiral tubes, etc. The lid should be covered before the drum starts.
5. When the shovel is stuck by an obstacle, do not force it to pull up. It is forbidden to use a pull shovel to lift heavy objects. During the drawing process, no slewing operation is allowed.
6. The reversal output of the double cone mixing station must be reversed until the stirring drum stops.
7. When the electrical device trips, the cause must be ascertained and the fault must be cleared before closing. No forced closing.
8. When working at night, there should be sufficient lighting.
9. There must be close cooperation between the operator and the concrete infuser and the operator to ensure that the machine works properly and that high-quality concrete that meets the engineering needs is ensured.
Third, after the job attention
1. After the completion of the work, the bulk cement tank gate should be closed and all the cement in the spiral pipe should be transported out. Do not leave any cement in the pipe.
2. Thoroughly clean the machine and the site. The concrete in the mixing drum must be cleaned. The turret of the symmetry system should be carefully and carefully cleaned to ensure the weighing accuracy.
3. The air compressor is deflated and the additive tube is cleaned.
4. The maintenance of the machinery, the lubricating oil (fat) is added to each lubrication point, and the part to be protected is rust-proof.
5. The water should be drained after the winter operation.

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