batching plants new model

Environmental protection is recognized as a development trend in today’s society. Dust pollution, noise pollution, and sewage pollution in traditional concrete mixing plants are all a headache for society today. However, environmental protection stations directly reduce these pollutions to an acceptable level.
In the continuous development of the company. The impact of environmental protection on our domestic economic development is also becoming more and more influential. Without environmental protection, production will not be the requirement of our concrete mixing plant in many areas of our time. The environment-friendly mixing station has become a new type of station building requirement recognized by more users in today’s social development.
In the environmental protection station. As a standard custom enterprise, our new waterworks are strict requirements on the severity of environmental indicators within the station. It has become the benchmark of environmental protection stations in many regions. In the increasingly severe moment of haze weather in our country. Closing a conventional mixing plant is not the best solution. Because concrete production also plays a significant role in the infrastructure industry. Therefore, the establishment of an environmental protection station is the result of our current situation.
Camelway Machinery uses a fully enclosed silo at the feed yard and dosing equipment station of the new environmental protection concrete mixing plant. There should be high-precision dust collection equipment above the mixing unit, which greatly reduces the dust emission; and it also recycles. After cleaning the aggregate, wash the water and so on. Meet the new national standards. For more information, click here.

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