Beaverton’s batcher of Concrete Batching Plant

1.In the process of using, we should pay attention to the calibration of the batcher. For the same batcher, different sizes of aggregate and different opening degree of outputting door have different calibration coefficient. So the calibration coefficient should be adjusted, if people change the sizes of aggregate and opening degree of outputting door.

concrete batching plant

2.The size of aggregate should be same in batcher, because the size of aggregate can affect gradation and performance of mixture. Therefore, it should be strictly strengthen the management of the heap, to prevent the occurrence of mixing; at the same time, the loader should be careful in operation, to prevent the occurrence of mixing.

3.The proportion of stabilized soil mixture and the water content can be determined by the method of sampling and analysis. Adjust them according to the results of the analysis.

4.Equip with three skilled staff, one person is responsible for operating whole concrete batching plant in control room, the others are inspecting whole batching plant, and if there is any problem, it should be solved in time.

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