Before and after the use of concrete mixer maintenance considerations

First, the project should be checked before use
1, check the body is stable.
2. The connecting bolts on the blade and the mixing arm are loosened loosely. If they are loose, they should be tightened immediately. After the new machine is used for one shift, the connecting bolts of the blades, liners and agitator arms should be tightened again. Ensure that the gap between the blade and the liner is approximately 5mm.
3, whether the fastening bolts on the loading frame are fastened.
4, whether the pump diversion is sufficient, the pipeline is unobstructed.
Second, maintenance after each shift
1. Clean up the dust on the inside and outside of the mixing tank, unloading door and hopper, and rinse with water. There must be no deposit in the hopper.
2, cut off the power, lock the electrical control box.
3. Add lubricating oil (fat) to each lubrication point.
4. In the cold season, all the water in the water supply system should be drained.
5. After cleaning, the discharge door should be placed in the unloading state.
Third, weekly inspection items and maintenance
1. Check the amount of oil in the gearbox and the amount of oil in the thick oil pump. If necessary, add new oil (fat). 30# for gearbox in summer and 20# gear oil for winter; grease for thick oil pump, with a needle penetration range of 250-350 (25°C/150°C) 1/10mm, or using No. 1 lithium grease. When the above two kinds of grease are temporarily not available, the 3rd calcium base grease and 30# mechanical oil can be used, and the 4:1 ratio can be used to evenly blend into a paste to inject the concentrated oil pump storage tank.
2. The water supply system should be kept clean to avoid clogging. Check and clean the suction valve once.
3, check the trip switch rocker is loose, if loose, make the necessary adjustments.
4. Check whether the bolts of the blades and stirring arms are loose, adjust the gap between the blades and the tank wall, and perform the necessary tightening.
5. There must be no loosening of the wiring between the motors and electrical components. Check the contact of the AC contactor. The dust in the distribution box should be cleaned. The limit switches must not be filled with water.
Fourth, regular inspection items
1. Check the water pump and throttle valve for leaks.
2, check the open gear, adjust the tightness of the belt to avoid slipping.
3, check the blade, liner wear and replace it as appropriate.
4, check the sensitivity and damage of each trip switch, and repair or replace as appropriate.
5, improve the operation and management system, make a good record of machine operations, when continuous work, should be a succession of shift records.

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