Build your concrete batching plant correctly

How to build concrete batching plant properly?many users who just got the need of purchasing an concrete batching plant may feel strange to this machine,they don’t know how to built it,how to maintain it,even don’t have a clue which model do they want,to solve this kind of problem,we wrote a simple introduction manual for user-to-be.
First step: you must make sure what scale do you need.
Concrete batching plants are divided into plenty of types,according to the construction and project needs differences,before users put it in working place they better do some investigation and research on their project.
Second step:choose a reliable provider.
Investor suppose to fully understand the price situation in batching plant manufacturing industry,including products quality,costumer service level and cost performance.if your are about to invest a huge amount of money in the project,you better make every thing count,like the engine’ information,dust remover and concrete silo, make sure they are high quality product which we are providing,cause only high quality products are endurable for a big and time consuming project.if you invest relatively less large money,we also can help you to build you own concrete batching plant.
Third step : pick a place to set it up.
This step is as imperative as previous 2. if you want run you batching plant efficiently,you should follow these instructions:Selecting the sit of it should ensure that the distance away from the quarry and sand plant is close, to ensure adequate water, and far away from residential areas. If you can make full use of the slope topography, material field is set on the slopes of high ground plane, can reduce the height of the material on the batching machine, the loader loading ramp angle little or no climbing, which can save energy and reduce wear. Equipment installation should pay attention to avoid ground and underground optical cable, power supply or communication cable.
More importantly,if you have no idea how to build it correctly,it is our duty to send a specialist to help you out,and guide you through the whole process.please click here

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