Buy Fall type Forced concrete mixer making factory @ Indonesia

Concrete mixer according to its working principle is divided into the fall type concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer. The fall type concrete mixer is a comparison of the old type concrete mixer machine by this way ascending material within stirring barrels to a certain height, then free falling to mix concrete. This concrete mixer is generally used in small construction site, and the production efficiency is worse than forced concrete mixer.
Forced mixer is the use of moving blade within the mixing drum, to force the material to move in different direction. Due to the different movement direction and speed of material particles, it produce shear slip and mutual penetration, diffusion between each other, thus it could make the material mixing evenly in a very short period of time. The mixing mechanism is called the shear mixing mechanism. Forced mixer is suitable for the mixing slump below 3cm of ordinary concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete. Forced mixer is widely used on the market.
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