Camelway Concrete Batching Plants In South Africa

In April, 2008 Camelway has installed 1 unit Camelway HZS120 Fully Automatic Stationary Concrete Batching Plant and 1 unit big bag/bag cement feeding system successfully in South Africa which is one of the biggest economy in Africa.
Camelway has succeed to transport such a big plant like Camelway HZS120 which has 4500/3000 l. Camelway Twinshaft Mixer, T-Type Weighing Conveyor and 2 units 100 tons cement silo by containers with the support of his experinced project and manufacturing team and his moduler products. Thus the transportation expenses are reduced seriously.
From NIGERIA to LIBYA, from DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of CONGO to ETHIOPIA, Camelway exports and installs his plants successfully in AFRICA and proudly represent our country.

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