CamelWay Laboratory concrete mixer

Laboratory concrete mixer is a new concrete processing model after birth, it can be targeted and relevant policies of concrete.From the land within the scope of his cause pollution to the surrounding air, bring people travel around obstacles, make the people feel disgusted, next in the ground, concrete will cause pollution to groundwater, and most of the village inside city is using the drilling for routine use of drinking water, so the long down will affect urban village residents health.1. The roughness of the concrete compressive strength and the machine mixing, the greater the roughness, the higher the compressive strength;
500 mixer
Flexural strength of concrete is negatively related to the machine mixing crushed value, the smaller the crush value, the greater the flexural strength, compressive strength of concrete, concrete mixing machine mixing crushed value and the sex with no obvious correlation between the Sio content in machine mixing. The smaller the roughness, the greater the crush value of machine mixing concrete mixing resistance, the better.Began to load test should be a small amount of ore, first to gradually transition to the male child, full load.1 compound pendulum jaw in the upper and lower jaw type mixing motor sport out of sync, alternation of crushing and discharging, and power consumption.With the acceleration of the central government for building resources integration, has been “undervalued” non-metallic construction industry will usher in a new development opportunity.High efficiency, good safety performance, grain type discharge polyhedron, combining closely with concrete, high speed regulations of the state to use models.
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