Camelway was in CTT Expo in Moscow, Russia

In the Russian market for 15 years, Camelway has achieved very good results, has broken the national record: the country has installed nearly 1,000 concrete mixing plant should be noted that the camel company is the only successful installation of concrete mixing plant supply , Accounting for 35% of all foreign concrete plant suppliers in Russia.

Once again, camels participate in CTT exhibitions every year in Moscow, representing important events in the Russian construction market. Camelway exhibited two of the most popular concrete mixing stations. The Camelway-HZS35 Fast Large Compact Concrete Mixing Station is the Camelway-HZS60 Fast Host with a transfer belt to the 1000th Camelway Concrete Mixing Station to Russia. It should be noted that camel road is the only one exhibiting exhibitors in the exhibition of two concrete plant concrete plant suppliers.

We would like to thank you for visiting all of our guests at CTT. We are honored to be the leading and best-selling concrete mixing plant in Russia and to thank all our customers for their trust in the quality and reliability of our equipment.

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