Camelway mobile concrete plant sent to South Africa

In the middle of last month, several Camelway mobile mixing plants were loaded and shipped to South Africa. At the delivery site, everything is in order, with the sales department reviewing the shipping list and the production department making final adjustments. In a quality inspection step, cargo workers assign a reasonable space for the equipment. Soon, this batch of mobile mixing plant will help in the construction of China and Africa projects.

Camelway mobile concrete plant sent to South Africa

Camelway mobile concrete plant sent to South Africa

The South African customers who bought the equipment have strict requirements on the equipment. Detailed research and investigation, based on the brand image of Camelway’s products and the good sales of equipment in foreign markets Camelway Machinery was pre-selected as a potential buyer. Camelway’s technical department and sales manager quickly adapted the product to the local environment and the customer’s needs. And recommend a mature and stable equipment configuration, to meet customer requirements while protecting product reliability, to achieve customer revenue maximization. Prior to shipment of the equipment, the customer’s representative made a complete evaluation of the equipment and its performance, which led the customer to choose Camelway Machinery. They also conducted a detailed inspection and were very impressed with the Camelway team and expressed their desire to continue to cooperate.
Camelway has invested heavily in research and development to adapt its equipment to the most diverse construction environments in the world. Camelway has made advances in technology, quality and market. This successful export to South Africa further proves that Camelway can provide complete sets of equipment for high-end users abroad – the power of solutions!

New Style Karoo Mobile ready mix Batch Plants for sale

We manufacture mobile ready mix batch plants, with the following specifications:

SABS approved weighting system.

Discharge capacity 24-30 ton per hour(dry)

5.5KW Electric motor / 10Hp Diesel Engine

Water pump, water flow meter, measuring in l liter increments

600-750mm conveyor belt. Weather cover over belt

Special features
 Specially designed water ring for efficient mixing time.
 Non bridging & free flow of material from hopper.
 Collapsible support legs & 2x plinths.
 Conveyor belt cleaning bar.
 Rear mounted & detachable chevron board with stop/tail lights, cable & plug.
 Safety guards to Mine Standard.
 600mm discharge rubber sleeve & clamp.
 Low maintenance.

Overall dimensions
 In travelling position:
o Total length = 14 100mm
o Track width = 2 260mm
o Total width = 2 300mm
o Total height = 4 050mm
 In operating position:
o Hopper height = 3 300mm (B)
o Height under discharge = 3 700mm (D)
o Hopper width = 3 000mm (C)
o Total width = 2 300mm
o Total height = 4 600mm
o Total length = 14 000mm (A)

Please feel free to contact us for custom designs

Email: [email protected]

Things you might want pay attention at when you installing a concrete mixer

Things you might want pay attention at when you installing a concrete mixer
JS series concrete mixer is a powerful mixing machine also the biggest seller in camelway machinery. With the mission of convenience we decided to bring up a topic related to the question of how to use the concrete mixer properly.
1.The installation process
The concrete mixer is supposed to be installed in plain area,and the legs of the mixer to should be put on hard concrete ground.the pit should be higher than the ground to avoid that the water may flow into the pit.
Users should lift the mixer with a crane, and then install the leg, ladder and slide. Users should keep the rack in the same level, and the track may not be skewed and dislocated by improper installation procedures.
2.Check up you machine before you use it.
Take care of the gear box and the lubricate condition inside of the mixer
Check the power supply voltage of concrete mixer, and the rated voltage should be 380 volts, and the error should be within 5 percent.
Check the connection of motor and electrical components, and the distribution box shell must be reliably connected with the ground. All pipelines should be properly placed to prevent crushing or bumps caused by accidents.
Check the connection bolts of various parts of the mixer, especially the moving parts, and users should timely tighten it if loose.

High productivity low carbon consumption concrete batching plant

Build high productivity low carbon consumption concrete batching plant.since the rural area is developing faster than ever before,the need of concrete in rural area construction field is skyrocketing.but the environmental problems also is rising,dusts ,noises and other issues are tending to get intensify the environment build the concrete batch plant that lower the noise and limit the dust emissions is our important target now.
Currently we have achieved some amazing result,we use the enclosed aggregate field in stead of disclosed in the process and we adopt new building materials that can reduce the dust emission!
We have many years experience in establishing high efficiency of low carbon concrete batching plant. We have been focusing on this. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a message.
green batch plant

Introduction to precast concrete

We have heard a lot of thing about precast concrete batch plant and ready mix concrete batch plant and precast ready mix batch plant in the field of construction.they are all seems like the same thing,but the true is they are not the same thing,do you know what’s the difference among three of them?now I will introduce you to take look at it.
Ready mix concrete,AKA commodity concrete,it means that this type of concrete has been stirred and concentrated in the factory our the batch plant and then delivered to the construction’s usually sold as commodities so they are also named as commodity concrete that we see it show up in the concrete is made up of cement,aggregate,gravels and other mineral admixture base on the type of concrete you want. After weighing in the ready mix batch plant,then they are supposed to be mixed in the concrete truck and last step is drive them to the construction zone.
Pre-cast concrete will be cast in other place rather than the constructing is as important as bricks to a construction project.before you use it,you need set it up and configurate addition the fiber can be used to strengthen the relibability of the precast concrete no matter what type or shape it is.
Nowadays,precast concrete and read mix concrete are getting its popularity due to the excellent performance it have. Accurate measurement system, good product quality and less material consumption which can not only improve working conditions but also reduce environmental pollution.

Differeces among the kinds of concrete batching plants

Differeces among the kinds of concrete batching plants
Concrete mixing station as know as concrete batch plant is the most common construction equipment that vastly used across the globe,mainly used in construction field,house/mansion building process and civil engineering etc.there are various kinds of them.before you make purchase on them you better ask yourself 3 questions,what kind of concrete batch plant do i need,what production capacity of concrete batch plant do i need to reach and is my budget enough to purchase the one that meet all my requirements.
The models of concrete batch plant or mixing station can be divided into HZS25,HZS35,HZS60,HZS90,HZS120,HZS180,the numbers after HZS are stand for production capacity,so HZS35 means that the concrete batching plant is capable producing concrete mixture 35m3/hour.
There are so many differences between the different types of concrete batch plant.the common thingis whether it is a large stationary concrete batch plant or a small one,the integral part of the equipment is PLD series batch machine and a JS series forced concrete mixer.speaking of the differences,there are 2 differences especially.
first,there are lots of configurations.generally there are 2 types of configuration for small concrete batching plant: one is the simple type-centralized control system, the other is the standard type-automatic control system. All the large concrete batching plants adopt the standard type-automatic control system.
Secondly, the different mixing host models and different mixing host numbers. The mixing console of small concrete batching plant and large concrete batching plant generally adopt JS series twin shaft forced concrete mixer. The size of concrete batching plant is mainly determined by the model of concrete mixer.
For customers who in urge need of concrete batching plant or mixing station it is vary important to get familiar with it,so if you have any trouble about concrete mixing equipment,please contact us,we have expert to answer your questions with no charge.
concrete mix plant

We have lots of advantages to install a concrete batch plant

Camelway HZS series concrete batching plant can reach the maximum productivity of 200 m3/per hour.The HZS180 equiped with a modular structure that is able to assembled and dismantled rapily using ordinary tools,this get it the advantage of convenience.
quick assembly available
Set up quickly and can be sent to working quickly,easy to maintain and transport.
Great breakthrough in in the way of welding the structure of the machine,please enjoy our news is more flexible and more easy to transport.easy to do the maintain
Developed for more user-friendly experience
Full computerized control center,more modern and leading the future..
Modular design and the inclined belt makes it convenient to assemble and dissemble.
Energy efficient.
Smart production process controlled by the computerized control center can reduce the energy consumption by 15%!
Environmental friendly.
Our production have equipped state of the art waste disposal system.
East to maintenance.


Asphalt batch plant at lowest price for sale for [email protected]

Asphalt batching plant is a construction equipment ideally used for producing pf asphalt which is mostly applied for road construction and other constructing field.Asphlat can be prepared by stirring proper proportion of aggregates,stone and sand ,heated in properly temperature and the it is trucked to work field.
ASP series concrete batch plant is one of the newest construction equipment our company produced ,using the latest technology and high quality components and control system.completely computerized automatic control center is guarantee that the accurate of the input and output of batching plant.
Plus with any product you get from our company you get a unbelievable good after-sale service and during-sale service.and if you have the difficulties in installing process,we are willing to sent you experts to help you out.
Whole range of models available for rated capacity 60-300TPH.

Self-loading concrete mixer at low price great [email protected]

People in Africa is always being stressed by our company,we are willing to gave our costumers in Africa some discount policy,so if you are in need of construction equipment,such as concrete batching plant,concrete mixer,or others,you can contact us to get a price,and if you happen to be the Africa people,we are willing to gave you some discount base on the price.
Our feature products include concrete batching plant,concrete mixer,electric mixer,twin-shaft mixer,self-loading mixer and mobile concrete mixer.all of them are in the big sale,all machine model include HZS35,HZS60,HZS75,HZS90,HZS120,HZS180 and JS500,JS1000,JS1500,JS2000,JS3000.also we have PLD series include PLD800 PLD1200 PLD1600 PLD2000 PLD2400 PLD3200.
We accept any kinds of inquires,you can fill out the form below and also you can talk to us by click the click&chat widget right-top so we can tall immediately,and also you can just gave us a call so we can communicate,you don’t need to worry about the language problems because well have the foreign trade department which specialized in oversea trade,make sure the quality of the communicating between us will be good and addition all these communicating methods are charge FREE,including the phone call,so don’t be afraid to calling.