2HZS180 Commercial Concrete Batching Plant in Costa Rica

Product :2HZS180 Commercial Mixing Station
Output: 360m/h
Country: Costa Rica
Project Overview:
Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus, between the Caribbean Sea to the east and the North Pacific Ocean to the west, and has a coastline of 1,290 km. Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south-southeast.
A Costa Rican construction company saw Camelway’s product information on the Internet, contacted us, and purchased Camelway Double 120 Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant Camelway Professional Concrete Mixer, Concrete The concrete mixing plant is not only distributed in various regions in China, but also exported to various countries abroad.
In terms of mixing technology, Camelway has a great advantage. The twin-belt mixer adopts spiral blade design, and the spiral circulation formed by the mixing arm and continuous spiral blades makes the aggregate clash and mix at high speed, which can speed up the overall circulation of the mixer, have strong shearing effect on the concrete, better homogeneity and shorter mixing time, and can produce high quality concrete quickly.
Customer Testimonial:
I always thought that the heavy industrial products in China are not so good, but after using Camelway’s concrete mixing plant, I realized that I was wrong.Their concrete mixing plant is not only environmentally friendly, but also highly productive, and I would love to continue working with them in the future.

Introduction to the manual operation of concrete mixing plant.

Introduction to the manual operation of concrete mixing plant.
You can operate concrete plant automatically or manually.if operators are occupied by other issues the automatic operating system is always available for them. Though there are always a option of automation but as a professional operator, there are also some basic knowledge about manually operating you might want to learn. The following content will teach you how to operate a concrete plant properly.
The procedure
Connect to the electricity>turn it on>switch to manual mode>switch the host and air compressor to 0.7MPA>turn on the IPC and then warm it up for 20 minutes>select the recipe you need>press the button to start mixing>the mixture is unloaded to the silo>When the hopper door is closed, please stop the discharging> Mixing is finished >The concrete is discharging from the host door >Press the host to shut down.
The Specific Manual Operation Process of Concrete Mixing Plant
The first step is to close the circuit breaker. The second step is to turn on the control power switch on the console. The third step is to start the air compressor. When the pressure of air compressor reaches above 0.4Mpa, press the start button of hybrid host to start host motor of the hybrid. The fourth step is to press start button of the belt conveyor to start the belt conveyor when the motor of hybrid host is completed. The fifth step is to start the belt conveyor to make the belt conveyor automatically starts and runs. The sixth step is to set the manual batch weighing value through the weighing display panel or the keyboard. The seventh step is to press the manual batch button if needed.
Pay More Attention to the Manual Operation in Stationary or mobile concrete batch plant for sale
During manual operation, if cement is not used, please set it to zero in the ratio setting.
During manual measurement, please operate it in the order of “Cement 1 > Cement 2 > Cement discharge > Cement stop”.
If the cement ratio is not set to zero, please not skip the appropriate button to not use the cement, as this will seriously affect the measurement accuracy of the cement.

High productivity low carbon consumption concrete batching plant

Build high productivity low carbon consumption concrete batching plant.since the rural area is developing faster than ever before,the need of concrete in rural area construction field is skyrocketing.but the environmental problems also is rising,dusts ,noises and other issues are tending to get intensify the environment problem.so build the concrete batch plant that lower the noise and limit the dust emissions is our important target now.
Currently we have achieved some amazing result,we use the enclosed aggregate field in stead of disclosed in the process and we adopt new building materials that can reduce the dust emission!
We have many years experience in establishing high efficiency of low carbon concrete batching plant. We have been focusing on this. If you are interested in our products or have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a message.
green batch plant

Introduction to precast concrete

We have heard a lot of thing about precast concrete batch plant and ready mix concrete batch plant and precast ready mix batch plant in the field of construction.they are all seems like the same thing,but the true is they are not the same thing,do you know what’s the difference among three of them?now I will introduce you to take look at it.
Ready mix concrete,AKA commodity concrete,it means that this type of concrete has been stirred and concentrated in the factory our the batch plant and then delivered to the construction zone..it’s usually sold as commodities so they are also named as commodity concrete that we see it show up in the concrete zone.it is made up of cement,aggregate,gravels and other mineral admixture base on the type of concrete you want. After weighing in the ready mix batch plant,then they are supposed to be mixed in the concrete truck and last step is drive them to the construction zone.
Pre-cast concrete will be cast in other place rather than the constructing site.it is as important as bricks to a construction project.before you use it,you need set it up and configurate it.in addition the fiber can be used to strengthen the relibability of the precast concrete no matter what type or shape it is.
Nowadays,precast concrete and read mix concrete are getting its popularity due to the excellent performance it have. Accurate measurement system, good product quality and less material consumption which can not only improve working conditions but also reduce environmental pollution.

Build your concrete batching plant correctly

How to build concrete batching plant properly?many users who just got the need of purchasing an concrete batching plant may feel strange to this machine,they don’t know how to built it,how to maintain it,even don’t have a clue which model do they want,to solve this kind of problem,we wrote a simple introduction manual for user-to-be.
First step: you must make sure what scale do you need.
Concrete batching plants are divided into plenty of types,according to the construction and project needs differences,before users put it in working place they better do some investigation and research on their project.
Second step:choose a reliable provider.
Investor suppose to fully understand the price situation in batching plant manufacturing industry,including products quality,costumer service level and cost performance.if your are about to invest a huge amount of money in the project,you better make every thing count,like the engine’ information,dust remover and concrete silo, make sure they are high quality product which we are providing,cause only high quality products are endurable for a big and time consuming project.if you invest relatively less large money,we also can help you to build you own concrete batching plant.
Third step : pick a place to set it up.
This step is as imperative as previous 2. if you want run you batching plant efficiently,you should follow these instructions:Selecting the sit of it should ensure that the distance away from the quarry and sand plant is close, to ensure adequate water, and far away from residential areas. If you can make full use of the slope topography, material field is set on the slopes of high ground plane, can reduce the height of the material on the batching machine, the loader loading ramp angle little or no climbing, which can save energy and reduce wear. Equipment installation should pay attention to avoid ground and underground optical cable, power supply or communication cable.
More importantly,if you have no idea how to build it correctly,it is our duty to send a specialist to help you out,and guide you through the whole process.please click here

Where can I buy a good concrete batching plant in China?

Where can I buy a good concrete batching plant in China?concrete batching plant as a tool to blending and mixing concretes with other raw materials,has been vastly accepted by majority of industries,especially in the process of house building,something like tiles,bricks and concretes,all need mixers to blend and mix them,forced double-shaft mixer is a type of concrete mixer that have various models,possess various of train in one,good mixing quality.
Where can I buy a good concrete batching plant in China?Camel way is you top priority,Camelway is the biggest concrete batching plant manufacturer in Henan,China,have the experience in this field more than 30 year,our users are from all over the world.our pre-sale and after-sale service is famous in China and southeastern Asia.so choose us is choose responsibility for yourself.
click here to learn more.HZS180-Concrete-Batching-Plant3



How do I operate a concrete mixer safely?

In the process of mixing cement and aggregates using a concrete mixer,its important to know how to operate it properly and safely for the opereator,next are some useful tips that tell you what you should do when you are operating a concrete mixer.
1:The concrete mixer better be placed in solid and plat ground,please try to avoid placing it in something place irregular.
2.before you get start using it,you are supposed to check the clutch,brake.The wire should in the good condition.when feeding,you mustn’t to put you head in the hopper our put your hands or touch the hopper.
3.In the process of its operating,you mustn’t to put other things in the barrel.
4.when you get the downtime,you can not continue to run it,it’s electricity should be cut off immediately,then you can start fix it.
5.After the completion of the work,you better have it clean,add some lubrication on the gear,cut off electricity,lock the door in case of stolen.
js 2000 mixer

js mixer

We have lots of advantages to install a concrete batch plant

Camelway HZS series concrete batching plant can reach the maximum productivity of 200 m3/per hour.The HZS180 equiped with a modular structure that is able to assembled and dismantled rapily using ordinary tools,this get it the advantage of convenience.
quick assembly available
Set up quickly and can be sent to working quickly,easy to maintain and transport.
Great breakthrough in in the way of welding the structure of the machine,please enjoy our news design.it is more flexible and more easy to transport.easy to do the maintain
Developed for more user-friendly experience
Full computerized control center,more modern and leading the future..
Modular design and the inclined belt makes it convenient to assemble and dissemble.
Energy efficient.
Smart production process controlled by the computerized control center can reduce the energy consumption by 15%!
Environmental friendly.
Our production have equipped state of the art waste disposal system.
East to maintenance.


Camelway HZS180 stationary concrete batching plant installed in Thailand

Camelway developed its business scope and take steps steadfastly to conquer news market and finalizing an important deal in Thailand.one of the main ready-mixe concrete companies in Thailand is depend on Camelway machinery and intend to invest in its state-of-art technology.
So the Thailand client chose Camelway HZS180 stationary concrete batching plant for its most big project to be executed in this years.
After a long discussion process,the client in Thailand placed an order for hzs180 concrete batching plant with production capacity of 180 m3/hour and equiped with twin-shaft js3000 mixe.
Camelway became a strategic business partner with the Thailand client,so camelway continue to cement the relationship with the other client with its innovation,technology and wide range of products as a China famous brand company.

camelway stationary batching plant

Asphalt batch plant at lowest price for sale for [email protected]

Asphalt batching plant is a construction equipment ideally used for producing pf asphalt which is mostly applied for road construction and other constructing field.Asphlat can be prepared by stirring proper proportion of aggregates,stone and sand ,heated in properly temperature and the it is trucked to work field.
ASP series concrete batch plant is one of the newest construction equipment our company produced ,using the latest technology and high quality components and control system.completely computerized automatic control center is guarantee that the accurate of the input and output of batching plant.
Plus with any product you get from our company you get a unbelievable good after-sale service and during-sale service.and if you have the difficulties in installing process,we are willing to sent you experts to help you out.
Whole range of models available for rated capacity 60-300TPH.