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CamelWay HZS25 concrete mixing plant is one of a series of small concrete mixing plants. It can be composed of all equipment, batching machines, screw machines, water metering systems, metering system additives, cement silos and other components, mixers, ingredients and related equipment, flexible combination.

The mixing station can be divided into single station and double station. As the name implies, the single station has one agitation host at each mixing station, the two stations have two agitation hosts, and each mixing host corresponds to a discharge port, so the two machines stir. The station is 2 times of the production capacity of a single mixing plant. The name of the two-unit mixing station is 2HZS**. For example, 2HZS25 refers to a two-unit mixing station with a mixing capacity of 2*25=50 cubic meters/hour.
HZS25 concrete mixing plant applies to all kinds of prefabricated factories and roads, bridges, water conservancy, ports and other industrial and civil construction projects, there are 25 high-quality high-quality concrete mixing station, with dry concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete mortar. HZS25 concrete mixing station with automatic feeding function, it is proposed to combine biaxial mixer and batching machine ingredients mixing station, to maximize the advantages of batching machines and mixers.
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Environmental protection is recognized as a development trend in today’s society. Dust pollution, noise pollution, and sewage pollution in traditional concrete mixing plants are all a headache for society today. However, environmental protection stations directly reduce these pollutions to an acceptable level.
In the continuous development of the company. The impact of environmental protection on our domestic economic development is also becoming more and more influential. Without environmental protection, production will not be the requirement of our concrete mixing plant in many areas of our time. The environment-friendly mixing station has become a new type of station building requirement recognized by more users in today’s social development.
In the environmental protection station. As a standard custom enterprise, our new waterworks are strict requirements on the severity of environmental indicators within the station. It has become the benchmark of environmental protection stations in many regions. In the increasingly severe moment of haze weather in our country. Closing a conventional mixing plant is not the best solution. Because concrete production also plays a significant role in the infrastructure industry. Therefore, the establishment of an environmental protection station is the result of our current situation.
Camelway Machinery uses a fully enclosed silo at the feed yard and dosing equipment station of the new environmental protection concrete mixing plant. There should be high-precision dust collection equipment above the mixing unit, which greatly reduces the dust emission; and it also recycles. After cleaning the aggregate, wash the water and so on. Meet the new national standards. For more information, click here.

бетоносмесительная установка hzs90

The concrete mixing plant produced by Camelway Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale complete set of equipment for the production of fresh concrete, capable of producing plastic, semi-rigid, and dry-hard concrete in compliance with national standards, and is widely used in urban commercial roads, roads, bridges, and dams. Construction sites for large and medium-sized infrastructure such as airports and docks. The mixing station is a high-productivity, high-intelligence, high-reliability, high-environment-friendly product developed on the basis of absorbing the mixing technology and control technology of advanced mixing stations at home and abroad, combined with the actual conditions of domestic concrete mixing equipment. Highly modular and other characteristics of the mixing equipment. The entire equipment consists of aggregate silo, aggregate belt conveyor, powder silo, screw conveyor, mixer, metering system, water supply system, gas system, control system, and main frame. They are all independent module structures and have the following features: :
1. Stirring performance

The mixing machine is the first mixer in the industry. Its decades of development experience has made it highly reliable; high pressure cleaning device to achieve automatic cleaning of each plate, double-opening door discharge quickly Smooth, non-residual material mixing arm streamline design, low resistance and long life, strong stirring ability, good mixing quality, high productivity, high reliability, compliance with national standards require plastic, semi-rigid, hard dry and other Concrete can achieve good mixing.
This device has the following significant advantages:
■ Equipped with multiple shaft end seal protection devices and air pressure seal devices, effectively preventing the occurrence of leakage phenomena;
■ The unique mixer monitoring system can monitor the working status of the gearbox and discharge pump electric lubricant at any time;
■ The new dedicated lubricant pump provides powerful power and can provide a higher level of grease to the shaft head, improving the service life of the seal, eliminating the need to clean the dispensing valve;
Heavy duty design and stable operation
■ Multi-mixing cutter head design, 45°, 60°, 90°, multi-arm type available;
■ Optional mixer weighing protection device;
■ Super agitation ability, can make the concrete achieve even stirring effect in a short stirring time, suitable for different stirring occasions.
2.Simple and clear operation
The control system adopts the reasonable control method of IPC+PLC, which can be automatically or manually operated. The operation is simple and easy to master. It has a good man-machine communication interface, dynamic panel display, and can clearly understand the operation of each component. A monitor is installed at the concrete unloading hopper to provide a clear view of the concrete mixer truck. Moreover, the production records of concrete can be stored and printed, and the networking function can also be supported according to the requirements of users.
3.measurement accuracy and stability
The entire measurement system component, whether it is aggregate, powder or water and liquid admixtures, the main components of the measurement and control system are imported Toledo products, the weighing system is controlled by the whole computer, and the sampling speed reaches 120 More than microseconds, with drop correction and automatic compensation, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement. The application of sand moisture content measurement technology ensures the stability of concrete mix ratio.

hzs50 fully automatic batcher

HZS50 Concrete Mixing Plant is a series of concrete mixing plant developed by our company in recent years with the advantages and advanced technologies of various models at home and abroad, combined with our company’s experience in producing concrete mixing equipment for many years. The series of concrete mixing plant is a complete set of equipment for the preparation of fresh concrete, and is suitable for all types of large and medium-sized construction, such as hydropower, roads, ports, bridges, airports, large and medium-sized prefabricated parts factories and commercial concrete production plants. HZS50 is equipped with a computer management system and automatic control system developed by our company. The operation is simple and convenient. The entire process of the equipment status is displayed in simulation and equipped with sound and light alarms. When working in the mixing station, after only a few buttons are operated, the entire working process is transferred to the computer for control. Mixing host uses twin-shaft forced mixing host, the main electrical components imported products. The configuration of the HZS50 series mixing plant is characterized by excellent stirring performance, accurate and stable metering, high reliability, convenient maintenance, high environmental performance, and high degree of modularity. It is ideal and preferred equipment for concrete construction and commercial concrete production.
HZS50 concrete mixing station is a simple configuration of the 60 mixing station. It adopts the loading mode of the hopper and matches the configuration of the semi-automatic concrete mixing station consisting of feeding, batching, stirring, electrical control and just-structured components. It is more than 60 mixing stations. It occupies less funds, covers an area of ​​less space, and has fewer equipments to be deployed. Its theoretical productivity is 50 cubic meters per hour. It is an ideal equipment for building bridges, road projects, construction sites, and component companies.
The first, HZS50 concrete mixing plant main configuration: HZS50 concrete mixing station equipped with a mixing host for the JS1000 type forced mixer batching machine model PLD1600 type (optional 2 bin / 3 bin / 4 bin), screw conveyor type LSY273 .
Second, the advantages of HZS50 concrete mixing station: 1. Using modular structure, modular unit, installation, relocation is very convenient.

ready mix concrete plant setup cost [2018 latest]

What is the price of a concrete plant? The development of China’s concrete plant has been a long time, and although some progress has been made, there are still some gaps in the world’s advanced level in many respects. Relatively speaking, it is still at the initial stage of development.Camelway Machinery Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. produces stabilized soil mixing station equipment with high degree of automation, high production capacity, high weighing accuracy, low investment, good mixing quality, and can achieve multi-bin number, multi-mix ratio, continuous production without interruption. And the host and its main components are highly localized. Let me take you to see the relevant situation of the concrete mixing station ~ See below ~ Concrete mixing station has a variety of different models, according to their production to distinguish.

The use of medium-sized concrete mixing plants represented by the HZS90 station is common. The HZS90 concrete mixing plant belongs to a medium-sized concrete mixing plant with a high degree of automation. For different types of concrete mixing station configuration is not the same. A user who ordered an HZS90 station some time ago asked how many people should use the concrete mixing plant. Free to provide customers with site planning, equipment installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales and other services [Supporting and technical features]: from the conveyor belt, cement warehouse | cement tank, screw conveyor, PLD concrete batching machine, twin-shaft mixing host, intelligent Computer control room and metering system. HZS90 concrete mixing station, the theoretical productivity of this model equipment is 90 cubic meters per hour; the mixing host is a JS1500 forced mixer with a nominal capacity of 1500L; the concrete mixing capacity of the concrete batching machine is 1600L, and the screw conveyor is the largest Productivity 80t/h, maximum aggregate particle diameter 80mm; cement weighing range and accuracy (0~900)±1%kg, additive weighing range and accuracy (0~50)±1%kg, aggregate weighing The range and precision are 0 to 5,000±2%. The Zhengzhou Xinfeng Heavy Industry HZS90 Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant, which has a unloading height of 3.8 meters, can be increased or decreased in height to meet the unloading and transportation requirements. The standard reference weight is 97×103kg, which requires a firm base to stabilize the mixing station.

HZS90 commercial concrete mixing plant features:

1, the entire equipment using a modular structure, the whole machine installation, removal and easy.

2. The host of HZS90 station adopts JS1500 compulsory concrete mixer, which has good mixing quality and high efficiency.

3, the aggregate ingredients using PLD2400 concrete batching machine, electronic scale measurement, accurate measurement.

4. The entire batching, mixing and unloading process is completed by the automatic control of the electronic control system. The control system has automatic, semi-automatic and manual control of the batching process and the worry-free switching between these three working modes: automatic peeling , Automatic drop compensation; report printing; power-on self-check and alarm functions; control of operation rights of control parameters; formula, contract, raw materials, vehicle and driver’s computer housekeeper; TV monitoring; simple and intuitive dynamic process display and other series of advanced technology advantages The control system adopts imported components, the work is safe and reliable, the control room insulation and sound insulation effect is also very good, there is air conditioning, a full set of concrete mixing plant cost-effective. Our company is a large-scale production enterprise integrating production, research, production and sales. It covers an area of ​5,000 square meters and has 4,000 square meters of standardized heavy industrial plants. Various large and medium-sized gold processing, riveting and assembly equipment more than 50 sets, more than 260 online employees. The company has introduced advanced technology and technology from the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries, and established advanced production lines and modern testing bases. The company’s scientific management methods, the improvement of the manufacturing process, the courage to innovate the manufacturing concept quickly grow into a large-scale construction machinery production base and export base.

aquarius batching plant model sp 120 price

HZS120 Series Concrete Mixing Plant Introduction:
HZS120 series concrete mixing station, the whole set of equipment including twin-shaft mixer, batching machine, cement warehouse and screw conveyor, conveyor belt, computer control room. The JS series double-shaft forced mixer is a compulsory, high-efficiency equipment that can produce a variety of concrete such as plastic and dry hard concrete. It has high production efficiency, short mixing time, and beautiful appearance. It is widely used in construction of large and medium-sized buildings. Road bridges and precast plants for the production of concrete products are the ideal equipment for the production of commercial concrete.
The theoretical productivity of the HZS120 mixing plant is 120m3/h, the power of the mixing host is 2*37KW, the rated capacity of the mixer is 2000L, the number of bins of the batching machine is 4 cells, the formulating capacity is 3200, the specification of the cement bin is 4×150T, powder silo Capacity of cement weighing range and accuracy (0 ~ 1500) ± 1% kg, additive weighing range and accuracy (0 ~ 50) ± 1% kg, aggregate weighing accuracy of ± 2%, unloading height of 3.8 meters The total installed power is 210KW. Please configure the appropriate transformer according to the total installed power.
The concrete mixing equipment produced by Camelway Machinery is widely used in commercial concrete mixing, pipe piles, components, hydraulic engineering, marine engineering and other concrete mixing sites, and is designed and manufactured according to different process requirements and practical needs, so that each set (sets) The equipment has distinctive professional qualities.

what is the capcity of a small aggregate crusher?

Product introduction
PXJ high efficiency fine crusher is also called counterattack fine crusher and new fine crusher. The machine is widely used. It is the most effective, practical and reliable crushed stone machine at present. It is especially suitable for making fine and brittle materials such as abrasive, refractory, cement, quartz sand, steel sand and so on. It is a kind of efficient and energy saving sand making equipment, which is 50% more energy saving than the traditional fine machine. It is the first in the world. Incoming fine machine equipment.
The PXJ series fine crusher has stable and reliable running performance, simple process, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The production capacity is large and the hammer head is used long life. It is widely applied to fine crushing of granite, Basalt, limestone, river cobble, cement clinker, quartzite, iron ore and bauxite. At the same time, it is also used for producing high quality stone materials such as artificial sand making, high-grade highway, railway, water conservancy, airport, building, cement, refractory, metallurgy and other industries.
Working principle
When the machine works, the machine is driven by the motor and the rotor rotates at a high speed. The material enters the first crushing chamber and crushes with the plate hammer on the rotor. Then it enters the second fine cavity and pulverized it. Finally, it is discharged from the outlet.

ingredients for a commercial concrete batch plant

The arrangement of concrete mixing station three kinds of ways are: vertical concrete mixing station, horizontal concrete mixing station, and mobile concrete mixing station.

The first type: vertical concrete mixing plant, the equipment needs to be processed materials are to carry out an upgrade, and then need to rely on the way to fall to the need to process the various processes. Is the advantage of high efficiency, small footprint, and is very conducive to the use of automatic equipment, vertical concrete mixing plant The disadvantage is that the structure of its equipment is too complex, so that production costs will be increased a lot, and its installation is a great technical difficulty.Currently used by large manufacturers.

The second type: horizontal concrete mixing station, the general material or to go through two times of Ascension, is the first material to the equipment to the storage hopper, and then the material after weighing, according to the needs of processing to use the need to transfer to the mixer. Because this form of concrete mixing station in the use of a simple structure, less investment, the advantages of small building height, is generally used in small concrete mixing station project.The disadvantage of its equipment is that materials are required to carry out two times, this will make the production of equipment low efficiency, and the level of concrete mixing station of the low degree of automation, these are its shortcomings, need to improve the place, generally in small and medium-sized cities to choose to use.

The Third kind: the mobile concrete mixing station is puts the material, the storage, the agitation and the unloading and so on a series of devices all installs to one base on the way. Mobile Concrete Mixing station has the advantages of compact structure, easy handling, and can also be directly in the field to operate, thereby reducing the delivery distance of concrete, so as to effectively save the effective economic costs. For some small or medium projects or maintenance works can be selected to use. The above is the concrete mixing station arrangement way explanation, may according to use the project the size, as well as the geographical demand to carry on the choice use own project use concrete mixing station, this can not only reduce unnecessary trouble, but also can effectively raise the economic benefit.

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Concrete Batching Plant is a Complete Solution for Ready Mixed Concrete, Camelway is a China leading expert company in manufacturing plants for the production of environmentally friendly high quality concrete. HZS series concrete mixing plants developed by Camelway Machinery are built to optimize the production efficiency, the quality of concrete mixture, and your return on investment. Equipped with different models of twin shaft mixers, our batch plants have the capacity from 25m³/h to 240 m³/h, which can satisfy various construction requirements whether for temporary installation, special projects or permanent facilities.


The mixer is the heart of concrete batch plant and it plays an essential role in producing high quality concrete. JS twin shaft concrete mixer researched and developed by Camelway Machinery has integrated international advanced concrete mixing technology and it has been continually refined to offer the most outstanding product that you see today. Owing to more than 34 years of manufacturing experience and technology progress, Camelway can supply the twin shaft mixer with capacity from 500 liters to 3000 liters per hour (that is 0.5m³-3m³ per batch) concrete mixer. Camelway twin shaft mixers are featured by high mixing quality,short mixing time and good accessibility, which has a wide range of applications in ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, block, building, bridge, dam, paving and other construction projects.