Differeces among the kinds of concrete batching plants

Differeces among the kinds of concrete batching plants
Concrete mixing station as know as concrete batch plant is the most common construction equipment that vastly used across the globe,mainly used in construction field,house/mansion building process and civil engineering etc.there are various kinds of them.before you make purchase on them you better ask yourself 3 questions,what kind of concrete batch plant do i need,what production capacity of concrete batch plant do i need to reach and is my budget enough to purchase the one that meet all my requirements.
The models of concrete batch plant or mixing station can be divided into HZS25,HZS35,HZS60,HZS90,HZS120,HZS180,the numbers after HZS are stand for production capacity,so HZS35 means that the concrete batching plant is capable producing concrete mixture 35m3/hour.
There are so many differences between the different types of concrete batch plant.the common thingis whether it is a large stationary concrete batch plant or a small one,the integral part of the equipment is PLD series batch machine and a JS series forced concrete mixer.speaking of the differences,there are 2 differences especially.
first,there are lots of configurations.generally there are 2 types of configuration for small concrete batching plant: one is the simple type-centralized control system, the other is the standard type-automatic control system. All the large concrete batching plants adopt the standard type-automatic control system.
Secondly, the different mixing host models and different mixing host numbers. The mixing console of small concrete batching plant and large concrete batching plant generally adopt JS series twin shaft forced concrete mixer. The size of concrete batching plant is mainly determined by the model of concrete mixer.
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Asphalt batch plant at lowest price for sale for [email protected]

Asphalt batching plant is a construction equipment ideally used for producing pf asphalt which is mostly applied for road construction and other constructing field.Asphlat can be prepared by stirring proper proportion of aggregates,stone and sand ,heated in properly temperature and the it is trucked to work field.
ASP series concrete batch plant is one of the newest construction equipment our company produced ,using the latest technology and high quality components and control system.completely computerized automatic control center is guarantee that the accurate of the input and output of batching plant.
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Whole range of models available for rated capacity 60-300TPH.

Concrete batching plant for sale with belt conveyer in mongolia

The conveyer belt type concrete mixing station : its structure is that the upper is raw material storage hopper, the lower part is the metering hopper, and the bottom is the conveyor belt for unloading, the storage hopper is used for the storage of raw materials to be matched, bottom mouth founder of storage hopper rightly faced the batching conveying belt.
90 concrete batching plant
The principle: In the beginning of batching, the belt starts, and the belt stops when the raw material in the storage hopper achieved the setting value, and then under the control of control instrument, orderly batching several materials, and when all the material is configured, the instrument control will start the unloading belt to send the material to the next link.
In order to reduce the procurement costs, most of such batching machine users all hope to use the metering hopper of batching machine to simultaneously measure the bulk cement, the concrete screw conveyor will transport the cement in cement silo into the metering hopper, but we generally do not advocate this usage, because the cement fluidity is good, will cause the metering hopper and a conveying belt gap has a small mouth cement overflow, and causing the site dust pollution or cement loss. If you must use this method, you should use the groove belt roller, and the bucket mouth should add the soft thin rib, this can control the cement leakage.
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Water Metering System of HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

The water metering system is made of pools, water pump, water weighing hopper, solenoid valve, etc.


1, for the water pump model: QY40-16-2.2 motor power: 2.2 KW

2, water capacity: 400 l

3, sensors: 300 kg x 2

4, the weighing precision: plus or minus 1%

5, discharging water pump: dwb45 75-5

System description:

Pump under the control of the control system to pump the tank water, when the sensor measurement to the preset value, the pump stopped. When discharging water drainage pump open, the pressurized water into the blender.

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The Requirements Before the Construction of Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing station should be well prepared before dealing with concrete work, because the preparation is the necessary steps for concrete mixing equipment running better. Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will tell you the preparatory work before production.


  1. Before mixing concrete, you should add water into mixing plant equipment and make it idle for a few minutes, then pour the water, and make full moisture inside the mixer drum. Stir the first set to take into account the mortar on the wall loss, and stone dosage should be stipulated in the mixture ratio in half.
  2. Concrete mixture should be completely discharged. You can’t take more feed into mixer before discharge the whole concrete. In addition, you also cannot take feed into the mixer while discharging.
  3. Control the water cement ratio and slump, without the premise of operator, you cannot arbitrarily add, or subtract water consumption.

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What are the Measures to Prevention of Pipeline Jam?

How to prevent the pipeline jam? Many customers often ask this question. As a professional concrete batching plant producer, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will give you answers.

1.Selects the pumpability of materials and gradation, strictly control the concrete mixture ratio measurement, it is forbidden to add water inside the hopper, no big changes in concrete slump;
2.The hopper with metal mesh, and don’t make too much stones and foreign body into the hopper; use mortar to lubricate the pipeline before the delivery;
3.With a dump truck transportation, transportation speed will make concrete pumping out within the mixing 1.5 h, the best is to put the concrete into hopper after second stirring;
4.The pump operation, such as found that the pump pressure increases and line jitter phenomenon, you can use a mallet to percuss bending and tapered parts of the pipe.
5.Slow speed of delivery, or make the pump to reverse and withdraw concrete hopper. To deliver concrete after stirring again.
6.If the clogging, you can take the side of the car back and shorten the piston stroke to strong compression; to inspect the Y type pipe, bend or variable diameter pipe, hose at the same time.
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HZS60 Commercial Concrete Batching Plant in Ulan Bator

Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture is one of the large-scale enterprise specializing in construction machinery. Today, we will introduce the HZS60commercial concrete batching plant in Ulan Bator.

red hzs60


Theoretical productivity(m³/h):60

Concrete mixer:  JS1000

Belt Conveying Capacity(t/h): 300

Discharging height(M): 4.1 m

Batching System: PLD1600 batching machine, the batching aggregates can be 3-5types, 6m³ basic storage bins volume,1600L weighing bins volume,7.5kw motor, belt width is 800mm.

Feeding System: Feeding is of closed belt type by continuous feeding, the belt is of china famous brand and the idler is troughed type, with belt tension system and cleaning system. Wait hopper volume is 2m³.

Weighing system:The system is with buffering device and auto compensation function

Screw convey: Diameter ø219mm, reducer power 11kw.

Cement silo:60ton – 200ton, Split for shipping conveniently.

The machine has high output, high working efficiency, low energy consumption and long service life. It has unique design, compact structure, short mixing time, high mixing quality and high reliability. The machine has high degree of automation, which will largely save labor and improve the working efficiency of your concrete plants. It has high loading, discharging and measuring accuracy, which can ensure the high quality of concrete.

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