Differeces among the kinds of concrete batching plants

Differeces among the kinds of concrete batching plants
Concrete mixing station as know as concrete batch plant is the most common construction equipment that vastly used across the globe,mainly used in construction field,house/mansion building process and civil engineering etc.there are various kinds of them.before you make purchase on them you better ask yourself 3 questions,what kind of concrete batch plant do i need,what production capacity of concrete batch plant do i need to reach and is my budget enough to purchase the one that meet all my requirements.
The models of concrete batch plant or mixing station can be divided into HZS25,HZS35,HZS60,HZS90,HZS120,HZS180,the numbers after HZS are stand for production capacity,so HZS35 means that the concrete batching plant is capable producing concrete mixture 35m3/hour.
There are so many differences between the different types of concrete batch plant.the common thingis whether it is a large stationary concrete batch plant or a small one,the integral part of the equipment is PLD series batch machine and a JS series forced concrete mixer.speaking of the differences,there are 2 differences especially.
first,there are lots of configurations.generally there are 2 types of configuration for small concrete batching plant: one is the simple type-centralized control system, the other is the standard type-automatic control system. All the large concrete batching plants adopt the standard type-automatic control system.
Secondly, the different mixing host models and different mixing host numbers. The mixing console of small concrete batching plant and large concrete batching plant generally adopt JS series twin shaft forced concrete mixer. The size of concrete batching plant is mainly determined by the model of concrete mixer.
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How do I operate a concrete mixer safely?

In the process of mixing cement and aggregates using a concrete mixer,its important to know how to operate it properly and safely for the opereator,next are some useful tips that tell you what you should do when you are operating a concrete mixer.
1:The concrete mixer better be placed in solid and plat ground,please try to avoid placing it in something place irregular.
2.before you get start using it,you are supposed to check the clutch,brake.The wire should in the good condition.when feeding,you mustn’t to put you head in the hopper our put your hands or touch the hopper.
3.In the process of its operating,you mustn’t to put other things in the barrel.
4.when you get the downtime,you can not continue to run it,it’s electricity should be cut off immediately,then you can start fix it.
5.After the completion of the work,you better have it clean,add some lubrication on the gear,cut off electricity,lock the door in case of stolen.
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How much is a set of HZS25 concrete mixing plant in Morocco ?

How much is a set of HZS25 mixing plant? Is there any other manufacturers of the concrete mixing plant with discharge volume of 1500L?The Snow flake is falling down for the whole morning, the ground is all white.The weather forecast says tomorrow the snow will stop, otherwise we may delay the mixing plant of our users.Today, a set of conjoined HZS25 concrete mixing plant is officially rolled off the production line and ready to deliver to our customers in Yiyang,Hunan province.It is for the a 12.86 km tunnel construction there.the tunnel adopts double line design and It is one of the key control projects.
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HZS25 mixing plant is the minimum model of Zhengzhou CamelWay machinery,the theoretical yield per hour is 25cubic meters, actual output is around 18cubic meters.You just need to invest over twenty thousand USD.If it is for the rural market, investing in a small concrete mixing plant is one of the best project to make money, because the equipment is less investment with fast and effective interest in just 1 to 2 months.Because most customers buy the mixing plant is used for engineering construction,according to their demand, our company recommend our customers use conjoined HZS25 mixing plant.The advantage of the conjoined concrete mixing plant is that if a host fails, it can still produce another host,it will not affect the engineering materials.If the demand is large, the project can open two hosts at the same time, if the quantity is small, you can open a host, the conjoined mixing plant in Xinfeng company is the best-selling model.
It mentioned before that the concrete mixing plant with discharge volume of 1500L, it refers to the host with JS500 mixer and HZS25 mixing station, the main equipment including PLD800 two warehouse/three warehouse batching machine, JS500 mixer, 1 set 100 t cement silo, 1 set219 spiral, weighing system, electric control system, electrical system, etc.
Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacturer produces tower cranes, construction elevators, concrete mixing stations, JS concrete mixers, concrete batching machines, stabilized soil mixing stations, wheel loaders, concrete transport tanks, JZC concrete mixers and other construction machinery.
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Installation and Adjustment of Concrete Batching Plant

The installation and adjustment of concrete batching plant is very important for production. So Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery would like to introduce the method to you.

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  1. After receipt, check if the spare parts and the technical files are complete according to the packing list and if there is some damage in the machine or parts .

2 .Users should lay the foundation well on the basis of instruction diagram.

  1. Install and set the machine as the diagram indicates, and keep each component horizontal
  2. When the whole machine is in position, install the sensor and disassemble fixed bolts of weighing hopper, keeping the weighing hopper in normal working state.

5 . Check if each conveying part is flexible and whether the junction bolts are loose.

  1.  The electric circuit includes main power wire and each motor cable, sensor cable and remote controller cable. And you should install it according to instruction

7 . Run the No-load test and check if the moving direction of each motor is right.

  1.  Run the imitation test of batching circulation as required. Set the weighing date of different materials and check if it can batching recurrently and automatically.

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Features and Advantages of HZS Series Concrete Batching Plant

As a China-based professional hopper concrete mixing plant manufacturer and supplier, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture will tell you the features and advantages of hzs series concrete batching plant.


  1. Twin-shaft concrete mixer with high efficiency
  2. Independent and accurate weighing system ensure the accuracy of meter
  3. Excellent performance of environmental protection.Sealed connection avoids spiral influence on powder
  4. Reliable and efficient working performance
  5. Trough type conveyor belt, cover an area of an area small, high transmission efficiency
  6. The intelligence control system make production control more easily
  7. Have good mixing effect, high speed, long service life.

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HZS90 Concrete Mixing Station Approximate Cost

HZS90 concrete mixing station on the premise of guarantee the project efficiency, the saved money to the greatest extent, main fittings adopt domestic and international famous brand, high reliability; Modular structure design, installation, demolition and more convenient, safe, comfortable, reliable operation, product good mixing effect, high production efficiency. Safe and reliable system, easy to maintain.This series of HZS mixing station from 25 to 120 concrete mixing station is the ideal equipment for a large and medium-sized construction, water and electricity, roads, ports, Bridges, airports and a large manufactory and merchandise concrete products manufacturing unit.


Host performance host uses the JS series mixing console, stir well, rapid, high productivity. For the harsh, plastic and all kinds of proportioning of concrete, it can achieve good mixing effect. Advanced mixing mechanism, high wear resistance of mixing blades and lining board, and the unique design of the mixing Angle make the machine have good mixing effect, high speed, long service life.

Control system adopts high performance industrial PC, and all key components adopt imported original parts with the advantages of reliable performance, function perfect, rational layout, easy to operate, easy to learn, and maintenance. With automatic, semi-automatic, manual control mode, it facilitate users in various situations to use.

At present, the company has many different ready mix concrete plants for sale at low price. If you want to reduce the cost to import the concrete ready mix plant from China, please feel free to contact us at any time.

The Factor of Concrete Cracks

The factor of the surface of mass concrete cracks is various, may be a single factor or multiple factors. The hydration heat is one of the causes of the mass concrete cracks.

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When the concrete was first showed a trend of condense sclerosis, it will produce the physical heat of hydration, and the heat of hydration can increase the temperature of concrete, prompting the volume expansion. Concrete in the base area will be affected by the constraints of the foundation fail to produce compressive stress, because it has very strong plasticity, therefore has the low compressive stress.

When the temperature drop of concrete itself, the volume will become no longer expanding,  itself produces a tensile stress right now, once exceeds the limits of a certain amount, it can make the phenomenon of concrete cracks.

Of course, there are many reasons for the cracks in mass concrete, the influence factors include cement varieties, dosage, admixture, chemical additives, construction technology, the environment temperature, curing conditions, etc.

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Tips for the Safety of Small Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

The safety of construction is very important in the concrete mixing station. When we operate small truck mounted concrete pump, we must pay attention to the safety issues. The followings are some tips we must obey.


  1. When the landing leg of the small concrete pump truck is in a reliable state , we can operate the cantilever crane. We must follow the procedures described in operation specification when operating the cantilever crane.

2.In the conditions of thunderstorm or bad weather, especially in the weather of fresh gale, the cantilever crane is not allowed to use.

  1. When operating the cantilever crane, all parts of the cantilever crane should be under the view of the operator.
  2. Be careful when working near the high tension cable. To keep the safety distance between the cantilever crane and electric wire.

5.Under the cantilever crane of small truck mounted concrete pump, there is a dangerous area, in which people are not allowed stay there.

6.People are not allowed to stand in the specified range of the end hose of small truck mounted concrete pump.

  1. Do not bend the end hose. The end hose can’t be mixed into the concrete.

8.If there are any abnormal movements, then immediately press the stop button. We can continue to use it only when the professionals have examined it and eliminated the troubles.

Morocco’s JS Series Concrete Mixer

Based on the advantages of driving steady and convenient installation, this key concrete equipment is widely used in the small and medium-sized construction. Next, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will introduce the characters of JS concrete mixer to you.

stabilized soil mixing station


  1. Leading professional design and manufacture;
  2. Excellent skills assured the accuracy between blades and cylinder;
  3. Noise reduction;
  4. Prolong the life of blades and scaleboard;
  5. Sell well at home and abroad.

Application of JS Series Concrete Mixer


JS500-25m3/h; JS750-35m3/h; JS1000-50m3/h; JS1500-75~90m3/h; JS2000-100~120m3/h; JS3000-180m3/h; JS4000-240m3/h

Products Certificates: CE

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