Differeces among the kinds of concrete batching plants

Differeces among the kinds of concrete batching plants
Concrete mixing station as know as concrete batch plant is the most common construction equipment that vastly used across the globe,mainly used in construction field,house/mansion building process and civil engineering etc.there are various kinds of them.before you make purchase on them you better ask yourself 3 questions,what kind of concrete batch plant do i need,what production capacity of concrete batch plant do i need to reach and is my budget enough to purchase the one that meet all my requirements.
The models of concrete batch plant or mixing station can be divided into HZS25,HZS35,HZS60,HZS90,HZS120,HZS180,the numbers after HZS are stand for production capacity,so HZS35 means that the concrete batching plant is capable producing concrete mixture 35m3/hour.
There are so many differences between the different types of concrete batch plant.the common thingis whether it is a large stationary concrete batch plant or a small one,the integral part of the equipment is PLD series batch machine and a JS series forced concrete mixer.speaking of the differences,there are 2 differences especially.
first,there are lots of configurations.generally there are 2 types of configuration for small concrete batching plant: one is the simple type-centralized control system, the other is the standard type-automatic control system. All the large concrete batching plants adopt the standard type-automatic control system.
Secondly, the different mixing host models and different mixing host numbers. The mixing console of small concrete batching plant and large concrete batching plant generally adopt JS series twin shaft forced concrete mixer. The size of concrete batching plant is mainly determined by the model of concrete mixer.
For customers who in urge need of concrete batching plant or mixing station it is vary important to get familiar with it,so if you have any trouble about concrete mixing equipment,please contact us,we have expert to answer your questions with no charge.
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How do I operate a concrete mixer safely?

In the process of mixing cement and aggregates using a concrete mixer,its important to know how to operate it properly and safely for the opereator,next are some useful tips that tell you what you should do when you are operating a concrete mixer.
1:The concrete mixer better be placed in solid and plat ground,please try to avoid placing it in something place irregular.
2.before you get start using it,you are supposed to check the clutch,brake.The wire should in the good condition.when feeding,you mustn’t to put you head in the hopper our put your hands or touch the hopper.
3.In the process of its operating,you mustn’t to put other things in the barrel.
4.when you get the downtime,you can not continue to run it,it’s electricity should be cut off immediately,then you can start fix it.
5.After the completion of the work,you better have it clean,add some lubrication on the gear,cut off electricity,lock the door in case of stolen.
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Components of Cement Mixing Plant HZS50

HZS50 concrete mixing plant

50concrete batching plant

1) cement mixing plant HZS50 mixing console : JS1000 and double shaft concrete mixer.

Discharge capacity, 1m³;The motor power: 2 * 18.5 kw.

2) cement mixing plant HZS50 productivity: 50m³ /h.

3) the cement mixing station weighing system.

Style: belts batching scale, lever balance scale.

Aggregate: 200-2500 kg metering range and accuracy of + / – 2%;

Cement: 100-500 kg metering range and accuracy of + / – 1%;

Water: 10-300 – kg metering range and accuracy of + / – 1%;

Additives: 0-25 kg metering range and accuracy of + / – 1%.

4) cement mixing plant water supply system

Electric pump models: B25-15;

Power: 3 kw.

5) admixture system (two sets).

Electric pump models: XD3.2-2 s.


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After-sale service of Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

The after sale service of concrete batching plant mainly reflects in these aspects of installation; debugging; training; maintenance.

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  1. When training your operators, our engineer will give them advice on how to operate the machines correctly and provide the construction program.
  2. Call us at any time if you have problem with our concrete plant.
  3. We will send you the operation manual which can help you operate the machines properly and solve some common problems.
  4. If necessary, we will send engineers to your site to solve your problem.
  5. Spare parts supply.

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The Screw Pitch of Screw Conveyor in Concrete Batching Plant

Screw conveyor in the commercial concrete mixing plant is the center of the bin and mixing machine, so the determination of the screw conveyor pitch is one of the ways to reduce energy consumption.


The size of the screw conveyor pitch has a direct influence on material conveying process, if the filling coefficient is constant, when the pitch is not at the same time, the material movement of the slip plane is also changed. If changed the screw conveyor filling coefficient, it will lead to the change of the material movement velocity distribution. So, we should consider the spiral surface and material relationship of friction and velocity between the components in the appropriate distribution of the relationship between the two conditions, to determine the most reasonable pitch size.

Determine the maximum allowable pitch, on the one hand, it need to make the spiral of each point on the surface of the axial transmission speed is greater than the circumference of a circle, on the other hand, it also need to make the material the axial transport velocity of particles is as large as possible. Concrete mixing plant equipment factory analysis shows that for smaller filling coefficient, pitch can be of great value;On the other hand, for larger filling coefficient, you should take smaller pitch values.

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Mixing Plant Equipment Assets Valuation

Original value

Original value is also known as the original value or the original price, which is the full cost of the actual spending in manufacturing and mixing station equipment purchase including manufacturing expense, purchase expense, freight and installation, etc. It reflects the original investment of mechanical equipment, and is the basis of the computation of depreciation.


Depreciated value

Net is also called the depreciated value. So it means the original cost minus accumulated depreciation of mixing station equipment and reflects un-depreciated value of assets value of concrete mixing equipment. Through the comparison between the original value and the net, you can understand the average degree of old and new of mechanical equipment.


Value refers to the increase of fixed assets value after the original concrete machinery and equipment technical reform.

Salvage value is the value of scrapped mixing plant equipment. Net salvage value the salvage value after deducting the cost of cleaning. The original value shall be the proportion of the net salvage value generally 3% to 5% range, determined by the enterprises themselves.

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