Camelway mobile concrete plant sent to South Africa

In the middle of last month, several Camelway mobile mixing plants were loaded and shipped to South Africa. At the delivery site, everything is in order, with the sales department reviewing the shipping list and the production department making final adjustments. In a quality inspection step, cargo workers assign a reasonable space for the equipment. Soon, this batch of mobile mixing plant will help in the construction of China and Africa projects.

Camelway mobile concrete plant sent to South Africa

Camelway mobile concrete plant sent to South Africa

The South African customers who bought the equipment have strict requirements on the equipment. Detailed research and investigation, based on the brand image of Camelway’s products and the good sales of equipment in foreign markets Camelway Machinery was pre-selected as a potential buyer. Camelway’s technical department and sales manager quickly adapted the product to the local environment and the customer’s needs. And recommend a mature and stable equipment configuration, to meet customer requirements while protecting product reliability, to achieve customer revenue maximization. Prior to shipment of the equipment, the customer’s representative made a complete evaluation of the equipment and its performance, which led the customer to choose Camelway Machinery. They also conducted a detailed inspection and were very impressed with the Camelway team and expressed their desire to continue to cooperate.
Camelway has invested heavily in research and development to adapt its equipment to the most diverse construction environments in the world. Camelway has made advances in technology, quality and market. This successful export to South Africa further proves that Camelway can provide complete sets of equipment for high-end users abroad – the power of solutions!

2HZS180 Commercial Concrete Batching Plant in Costa Rica

Product :2HZS180 Commercial Mixing Station
Output: 360m/h
Country: Costa Rica
Project Overview:
Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus, between the Caribbean Sea to the east and the North Pacific Ocean to the west, and has a coastline of 1,290 km. Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south-southeast.
A Costa Rican construction company saw Camelway’s product information on the Internet, contacted us, and purchased Camelway Double 120 Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant Camelway Professional Concrete Mixer, Concrete The concrete mixing plant is not only distributed in various regions in China, but also exported to various countries abroad.
In terms of mixing technology, Camelway has a great advantage. The twin-belt mixer adopts spiral blade design, and the spiral circulation formed by the mixing arm and continuous spiral blades makes the aggregate clash and mix at high speed, which can speed up the overall circulation of the mixer, have strong shearing effect on the concrete, better homogeneity and shorter mixing time, and can produce high quality concrete quickly.
Customer Testimonial:
I always thought that the heavy industrial products in China are not so good, but after using Camelway’s concrete mixing plant, I realized that I was wrong.Their concrete mixing plant is not only environmentally friendly, but also highly productive, and I would love to continue working with them in the future.

Block Making Machine For Sale In Philippines

Good news! Camelway block making machine was ready to Philippines. This is a kind of free-burning brick making machine to manufacture wall blocks, porous bricks and so on. Our customer bought brick making machine for purpose of making bricks for whom demand large amounts of bricks. our brick making machine is a fully automatic brick making machine. It has adopted PLC system that could realize man-machine interface dialog. Brick making machine with automatic controlling system could meet different requirements of different bricks and specifications by replacing various of molds.

There are a lot of brick making machines we can supply.They are distinguished from the different output and specifications. Customers could select each of them by the production demand and manufacturing scale. We will offer customers the best quality brick making machine and most favorable brick making machine price.

The Benefits Of Having An Electric Concrete Pump

Concrete’s durability and strength make it the popular option for construction projects of any size. From paving a driveway to developing a high-rise, there are numerous applications where concrete is the perfect choice. It might be combined with many different aggregates to make different characteristics regarding both its strength and its appearance. That makes it a versatile material for any project.

One challenging part of working together with concrete, however, is it must be mixed on the job site or transported to the site quickly to maintain it from setting before it arrives. Just about the most efficient strategies to mix concrete on-site is by using an electric powered concrete pump. These provide advantages when compared with other concrete mixing techniques.

For starters, these are compact enough that they may be used straight to a job site, allowing the contractor to combine the concrete on-site. This really is far faster and much more inexpensive than transporting the concrete from another location. As opposed to needing to mix it within a remote location, load it onto a truck, and haul it on the job site, the whole process can be completed on-site. This will dramatically increase efficiency.

Possessing a mixer on-site also assists you to create different concrete mixes depending on the needs of your project. For instance, the crew can mix a batch for pouring a basis that is designed with strength in mind. After they are carried out with that, they can then mix a batch which contains a decorative aggregate for pouring a driveway or concrete countertops. Getting the mixer in the job site assists you to complete various parts of a construction project efficiently and quickly. More details. please click here: .

Electric concrete pumps will also be quieter than their diesel counterparts. Diesel engines tend to be extremely noisy to work. Deciding on a power concrete pump may help maintain the noise level with the construction site down as far as possible. This is not just essential for protecting the hearing in the workers but in addition for preventing complaints from nearby homes or businesses.

In many instances, electric pumps will also be more cost effective than other kinds of pumps. This will help to minimize the environmental impact of the construction project. This can be especially vital for green building projects. Not only do the materials used in the home must be eco-friendly however the construction process itself should be carried out in the most environmentally-friendly possible way.

There are tons of benefits linked to employing an electric concrete pump. Not only do these allow it to be easy and fast to combine concrete in the job site they also provide plenty of versatility. Since they may be used to make small batches of concrete quickly, it is actually easy to mix many different various kinds of concrete in a relatively short time. The pace and versatility that these particular machines offer make them a great option for any construction project, irrespective of its size.

Ideal Way To Obtain An Affordable Concrete Mixer With Pump

Do you want new equipment in your construction site? It really is common for larger businesses to get multiple concrete mixers. Although mixing concrete can be helpful, it’s also good to obtain one with a hydraulic pump that will pour this wherever you want it to visit. A few of them are quite large, in a position to mix a considerable amount of concrete that might be poured in a concrete mixing truck. This can allow it to be studied to any job site from a main facility, however, you might only want a small one which can be used at remote locations. Below are a few ways that you could obtain an that will assist accelerate the rate in which you complete every one of the jobs you are contracted to perform.

The Way To Evaluate Every One Of These Concrete Mixers

Whether you would like a diesel powered or electrically powered concrete mixer with a pump, you will find many different models from numerous companies worldwide. You have to assess them, looking at what their capabilities are, and how much concrete they are able to actually produce within a specific period of time. These are meant to provide pumping functions to deliver the concrete where it must go in an accelerated rate of speed. They should also have a very short mixing time, as well as the combination of these factors will lower the cost of your operations.

Top Features To Look For With One Of These Concrete Mixers

Top features to consider using these units will incorporate the mixing time. A few of them can prepare the full batch in minutes. Measure the capacity of discharge to be certain it is going to flow out fast enough to help you cover a full area evenly. Check out the mixer type they may be using on the outlet opening diameter. The bigger that it is, the greater number of concrete comes out. The maximum vertical and horizontal distance for that delivery must be several meters, and each and every you will have a different capacity for handling aggregate material. If you are only using small-diameter aggregates, it won’t matter, but larger ones requires more speed. Finally, look at the output capacity along with the maximum pressure on the concrete, factors that may ultimately see how efficient the concrete mixer is. Get more: .

How To Get One Today

You can actually find one of these today should you be doing a search online for affordable concrete mixers with pumps. Some of the businesses that there are actually will be able to ship them out the same day, but be sure it’s one that you desire. You might have a couple which are very similar in price, but one may have many more features plus a higher speed of delivery. You can expect to choose the one which will best complement your expectations, and also when it requires a few extra days to arrive, it will help your organization complete jobs faster.

Start to look for these , and you will find several inside the hour. The one that you select ought to be not simply affordable, and can have each of the features that you are interested in. On top of that, once it arrives, it should increase the efficiency levels of your company, allowing you to take on more jobs than ever before.

Portable Concrete Pumps Represent A Fantastic Investment

Should you be currently looking for a , then it’s a smart idea to know the many various options that are available for you currently. In reality, the market for concrete pumping machines has never been bigger, and you can find a multitude of different machines that happen to be up to the job.

Particularly, the portable concrete pump is a fantastic buy if portability is a key consideration, which will be extremely true for those small to medium-sized companies that should move from project to project consistently.

Generally, you can anticipate a transportable concrete pump as a fully self-contained unit, and they can often be mounted onto trucks for ease-of-use as well. A vital consideration could be the robotic arm, often referred to as the boom, as this is where concrete flows from and it will be extremely important in case you are delivering your concrete above ground level, into a second-floor building, for example.

Obviously, although the machine is portable, the plethora of the boom will have a tremendous impact on how useful you locate the equipment at the job site, thus it certainly pays for additional details on the levels of articulation the arm may offer you, plus the overall radius of your boom. In reality, this can be one of the most important features to take into account when shopping for a new concrete pump that’s competent at fulfilling your preferences. Get more from this useful website: .

One more great benefit of a portable concrete pump is the fact it will help you to pipe concrete into hard-to-reach areas that conventional methods wouldn’t be capable of reach. For several companies, the portable concrete pump is definitely the ultimate solution of these cases, as you will have a high level of control over the boom placement, which enables you to pipe the concrete to precisely where you need it.

Something different to take into account is definitely the overall production of your portable concrete pump, because smaller machines may not be able to provide the amount of cubic yardage you’ll need as a way to stay productive on-the-job site. Equally as you’d expect, this could be another key feature to look for when you’re shopping for a new concrete pump, and the level of concrete they are able to output may differ wildly dependent upon the size of the appliance.

In many cases, you might need to make sure you are purchasing a pump that may cope with the kind of concrete you are planning to produce. For example, the sort of activity you are going to be utilizing in the overall mixture, and also any other unique additives can all be involved within the fluidity of your concrete, so you’ll need to ensure that you are deciding on a pump which is fully competent at dealing with the output you desire.

Overall, buying a portable concrete pump from is definitely a smart decision that’ll quickly compensate you back with additional productivity.

Stationary Concrete Pump Working Principle And The Way It Can Help Your Organization

Due to advances in modern technology in construction, understanding the is already something which can really help concrete contractors irrespective of the scale of their businesses. If you find that you happen to be frequently pouring concrete on your construction projects, taking the time to take into consideration one of these brilliant machines can significantly boost your financial well being.

How Does A Stationary Concrete Pump Work?

A stationary concrete pump allows you to move concrete from mixer trucks or hand mixers while not having to use excessive manual labor. For projects which involve multiple stories, a concrete pump can deliver concrete in the mixer directly to a floor that may be being worked on without having to be worried about lifting equipment to obtain concrete in the ground towards the floor that is certainly being constructed.

Even just in small operations, concrete pumps can often save significant numbers of energy and time when you don’t have to bother about directing mixer trucks as close to the actual poor as you have in the past.

As you now understand what exactly a stationary concrete pump does, let’s focus on a few of the ways that it may help save lots of money when it comes to running any sort of construction business which requires pouring concrete.

Labor Savings

As I’m sure you may agree, it appears as though it’s harder than it ever continues to be to get good skilled laborers for construction projects. If you do find help that knows what they’re doing your cost of labor often becomes the highest priced element of all of your business.

This is especially true when it comes to pouring concrete as concrete is commonly a really labor-intensive procedure that requires multiple customers to be at work.

Simply by using a stationary concrete pump however, you may significantly reduce the volume of labor that you need to have from job to job. As opposed to having five laborers accessible for transporting concrete and making certain that it must be laid evenly and correctly, it is possible to reduce that to merely two for smaller pours. More information: .

Since you only need someone manning the feed of your pump and another person maneuvering the final in the hose to make certain that concrete is applied equally where it must be poured, your labor costs can be reduced significantly, so you don’t have to bother about constantly hiring new individuals to replace those who are leaving your business.

Equipment Savings

A stationary concrete pump can often be a really significant investment for almost all contractors however when you think about it for just a moment, you will possess tremendous savings across the long term.

Besides labor savings mentioned previously, you also not have to be replacing tools like wheelbarrows, come alongs, and other concrete transportation and pouring equipment as frequently. As your concrete pump enables you to place concrete just where it requires to go, you don’t need to have nearly as many manual tools on-the-job site while you have gotten to possess in past times.


As we discussed in the information above, if you discover yourself pouring concrete very frequently, you then should certainly comprehend the stationary principle and consider choosing a pump for your contracting business. Most contractors discover that because of lower labor and equipment costs they may cover the expenses associated with buying a pump in a number of years.

Reasons To Obtain A Mobile Concrete Mixer With Pump

One of the best additions to some concrete mixer has a pump that can provide you with the concrete where it requires to go. In addition to this, when it is mobile, this makes completing remote jobs even easier. They are useful machines, ones that are designed to feed, mix, blend and pump the concrete where it needs to be delivered. They are automated, designed to use the push of a button, mixing the concrete in a nutshell order. When you have not purchased an yet, here are the top reasons that you should consider purchasing one that will really help your enterprise grow.

A Few Considerations To Help Make With Each One

This equipment is specifically made being as elementary as easy to use. They can be towed behind, linked to a truck, since they are delivered to each location. Different things to think about include the effectiveness of the motor, it’s total weight, the hopper capacity, as well as the maximum concrete pumping pressure. Additionally, if you can find out the theoretical maximum concrete output, this can help the truth is just how much concrete would really be manufactured.

The Best Places To Try To Find These Concrete Pumps

Among the best places will include companies in China that are well known for producing exceptional units. They could do it at reasonable prices due to more affordable of materials and labor. These are experts in the market, shipping to countries all over the world. You can find many different ones that might be appealing. Providing you are considering the specifications linked to each of these mobile concrete units with pumps, you will know what one will continue to work ideal for your finances along with your business. Start your business from .

Putting Together The Delivery

The delivery will find boats after which by truck. It should take a few weeks to reach you. Should you haven’t received it once that they stated, they are going to track your order down and potentially ship another. It’s important to use a firm that makes only the best equipment even if they are a long way away. It would last for a longer time, as well as the price that you simply will pay for this type of equipment would be the best available today. One more thing to take into consideration is the price of getting several. You could have a huge company that may be growing. They should be able to exercise a unique deal around the shipping in the equipment off their spot to where you are. View more: .

Locating the best mobile concrete mixer with pump is extremely easy process. It’s a simple matter of looking online, comparing products, and studying the prices. If you can find almost any reviews in regards to the company, or maybe the product itself, it will help you are making the best decision. It may take you a couple of days, but as soon as you place the order, you will be aware that you will be receiving one of the better diesel concrete mixers with pump for sale that is certainly on the market today.

Buying Effective Mini Concrete Pumps

Numerous machinery is utilized inside the construction industry. Just about the most important bits of machinery that is needed in a myriad of construction projects is actually a concrete pump. A concrete pump allows construction workers to pour the specific amount of concrete at the perfect place and at the right time. Due to its several positive aspects, there is certainly huge requirement for concrete pumps and a wide variety of concrete pumps are available in the market today.

However, each of the concrete pumps are not the same and you need to consider several important parameters to have the most effective mini concrete pump for your needs. Adhere to the tips mentioned within the article below to be able to learn how to go about buying the .

Throughput Rate

One of the primary what exactly you need to consider when you would like a concrete pump is its throughput rate. This is the rate where the pump is rated to provide concrete consistently. Throughput is measured in vertical throughput and also horizontal throughput. Therefore, you require to take into consideration your needs when you are considering the rated throughput capacity of a mini concrete pump. More content: .

Power Source

Another essential factor you must have a look at is definitely the power source. You can find electrical concrete pumps in addition to diesel engine concrete pumps on the market today. The diesel engine concrete pumps possess some advantages within the electric powered pumps that you can use diesel engine pumps in much harsher environments. Also, you may use diesel powered concrete pumps in remote locations the place you may not be able to locate a reliable supply of electricity. Go with a source of energy according to your preferences along with the location of the construction sites.

Operational Cost

Needless to say, you need a mini concrete pump that minimizes the operational cost. You desire to be sure that it minimizes labor requirements which is very easy to operate. This is why the design of the concrete pump can create a lot of difference. The style of the concrete pump should allow the construction workers to regulate the pace of flow in order to pour concrete at the rate they really want. Also, it should allow construction workers to pour concrete vertically as well as horizontally.

After Sales Support

The after sales support is usually overlooked by buyers when they are trying to find a highly effective mini concrete pump. There are a variety of movable components in the concrete pump and some of these components will break down after a while. Therefore, it is crucial that you should make certain that affordable components can be available to ensure your investment within the concrete pump is definitely making profits to suit your needs.


There are thousands of worldwide. Will not have the mistake of looking at only the local suppliers. Many overseas companies have made their name by delivering high-quality construction machinery at a reasonable cost. Therefore, you have to go on a close have a look at each of the manufacturers, local in addition to overseas, to acquire the very best quality concrete pump at the cheapest price.

The Best Reasons To Employ A Trailer Concrete Pump

Among the challenges of utilizing concrete is becoming it from a spot to another. This not only includes getting it where it really is mixed towards the job site but additionally getting it from your truck or trailer for the specific area where it is going to be poured.

Before, this involved plenty of hard manual labor. Workers had to shovel concrete out of your back of a truck into wheelbarrows, pushing it for the area of the job site where it was going to be poured. Obviously, because concrete is really heavy, it was backbreaking work.

Today, there is a much better option available. Instead of being forced to manually move concrete round the job site, increasingly more contractors are counting on . As you may guess, these specialized machines are capable of pumping concrete over long distances through tubes or hoses.

That means that the concrete may be easily moved across the job site without the need for workers to manually move it. This could dramatically reduce the quantity of manual labor involved in the process, helping to prevent job site injuries and worker fatigue.

These pumps also increase the development process. They make the process of obtaining the concrete where it needs to go much quicker. In relation to construction, anything that can be done to quicken the project may be beneficial. Faster completion times usually translate into increased profits. Because concrete pumps are designed for moving concrete so quickly, they may be an extremely important tool to obtain on any job site where concrete will likely be poured. Learn more: .

Also, they are surprisingly very easy to move from a place to another because they are already installed on a trailer. Unlike a stationary machine, they may be transported from a job site to another without requiring any set-up time on the new location. Instead, the moment the pump arrives in the job site, it is able to go. This can help prevent delays, increasing efficiency and helping projects get done faster.

Many of these pumps provide enough pressure that they could pump concrete far up into the air. This will make them suitable for use on projects where the concrete has to be transferred to top of the floors of your building. In reality, you can often see trailer concrete pumps used in high-rise construction, since they ensure it is so much easier to find the concrete where it needs to go.

If you are going to get a , be sure to buy one coming from a reputable manufacturer. Check to ensure that the pump has enough pressure to maneuver the concrete over the distances that you need. Ideally, you should get the nicest pump you could afford. This way, you will have more versatility with regards to the varieties of projects that can be used it for.

If you prefer, you can also rent these pumps in short-term use. This may be a great choice in the event you only need them for a few projects.