How to Install Stabilized Soil Mixing Station Correctly?

Anything is not absolute, the staff in the installation of stabilized soil mixing station, there will be some deviation, these conditions can not be avoided, under normal circumstances, are sent by the stability of soil mixing plant manufacturers to install Personnel to the scene for installation and debugging until normal operation

Stabilized soil mixing station installation steps:

1, the finished material belt conveyor from the bending place, the latter frame on its basis, connecting the frame before and after the front, back leg and conveyor connection, oblique braces and racks of the hanging ears connected, and then the conveyor front hoist, connect the back and back legs and oblique support, and finally the front and rear legs of the anchor bolts fastening;


2, mixing host and powder batching system installation hoist The main frame, on the basis of its anchor bolts fastening;


3, the finished product storage hopper installation will be finished product storage hopper hoist, will stand up, will walk platform, ladder and finished material storage hopper connected well;


4, the granular material batching system installs hangs the granular material batching system to put on its foundation, the board will be connected, the two sides of the heightening plate and plug the Board to connect, and then the original aggregate conveyor, the front and rear racks are connected, so that the electric drum alignment mixer Head cover Hole center, the final anchor bolts fastening;


5. The installation of cement bin will be assembled in the ground each part of the cement bin, hoisting the cement bin, and the lower bin body bracket less transverse support side toward the powder batching system, fixed the upper and lower storehouse body, and finally fixed the anchor bolt;


6, screw conveyor installation hoist screw conveyor, the screw conveyor ball hinge and cement bin out of the mouth to connect, use the material mouth on the normal powder hopper feed mouth, and then with the steel wire rope conveyor and cement bin hanging ears, and finally the anchor bolts fixed well;


7, the air compressor placed on the end of the product Hopper side, with the air compressor outlet and air control box imports, the Gas control box exports to the cement bin broken arch of the trachea connected well.


How to control the cost of ready mixed concrete production enterprises?

How to control the cost of ready mixed concrete production enterprises. The cost of commercial concrete is the focus of concrete production enterprises, and the fundamental guarantee for enterprises to achieve profits. The cost of concrete directly affects the profits of enterprises and the competitiveness of enterprises. Camelway of our company indicates that the cost of commodity concrete includes many factors, such as raw material cost, production management cost, accident handling cost, human resource cost and production cost. These factors are interrelated and constitute a unified whole. It is unreasonable to ignore the cost control methods of one of the factors or several factors.

1. Cost of raw materials
Raw materials are the basic materials for concrete production. The quality of raw materials will directly affect the quality of concrete. The price of raw materials will also affect the cost of concrete. Generally, the price of raw materials with good quality is higher and the raw material of poor quality is lower. The price of raw materials has become a major factor in the control of procurement department of concrete production enterprises, but not necessarily low price raw materials, which can reduce production costs. On the contrary, the acquisition of unqualified raw materials at a low price will affect the quality of production concrete, which will not only cause great economic losses to enterprises, but also affect the credibility of enterprises. Therefore, the selection of raw materials should be prudent, and the quality and low price are the most reliable.
2, production management cost
The cost control of concrete production is from production, transportation, pouring, vibration and so on. Many people participate in the process. Only when all departments cooperate with each other and cooperate with each other to improve the comprehensive management level, can we effectively reduce the cost of concrete, which is difficult to rely on only one or a few departments.
3, the cost of accident treatment
The cost of the accident treatment is the hidden cost of the commercial concrete enterprise, which is not easy to find, but it is the cost that can not be ignored. The cost of accident treatment includes engineering quality accident treatment and personnel injury accident treatment. In the process of concrete pouring, the construction enterprises should have construction reminder for the concrete enterprises in controlling the raw materials, rationally designing the mix proportion, and strictly according to the production of mix proportion. For the construction units to violate the illegal operation, we should do a good job of obtaining evidence, and strictly follow the program site sampling. Commodity concrete enterprises often encounter traffic accidents and industrial accidents in the production process. These accidents can be solved in a timely manner by strengthening staff safety education, finding problems, and handling accidents in the bud stage, so as to reduce accidents.
4, fixed cost and floating cost of concrete
The fixed cost of the concrete enterprise includes personnel salary, office communication fee, equipment depreciation charge, fixed asset depreciation fee and vehicle insurance fee and so on. Floating cost concrete includes: spontaneous combustion accidents and disasters, social costs, additional invalid controllable operation mechanism of the mechanical maintenance fees, interest, loaning money arrears, bad debt expense expenditure on production safety. The cost of these concrete should be compared and analyzed each month and quarterly, reducing unnecessary expenses and doing a good job of the company budget.

How to choose a high quality concrete mixing plant?

To engage in the concrete industry, if we want to get a good profit, we must first have a set of high performance and reliable concrete mixing plant equipment, and the premise of a good equipment is to choose the manufacturer. How should the customer choose?

  • 1. manufacturers’ Honor
    Customers need to investigate whether the manufacturers of concrete mixing plant have good credit, reputation, certain production strength and production scale.
  • 2. manufacturer customer group
    Customers need to inspect the customer group of the manufacturer of the concrete mixing station equipment to determine the manufacturer’s reputation.
  • 3. factory system
    Whether the manufacturer has the relevant installation and commissioning, operation training, warranty, vulnerable parts and technical guidance and other aspects of the policy and system.
  • 4.After sale of  manufacturers
    Investigate whether the manufacturer has a perfect and satisfactory after-sales service, such as how the equipment should be solved during the operation, such as failure.


Standard for buying concrete mixing stations

1, according to the scale of production
Manufacturers should decide the size of the equipment according to their own production scale. The equipment for the large-scale concrete mixing plant and the small-scale concrete mixing plant are the same. The only difference is the size of each type.

2, want to produce high quality concrete, then we must choose good quality production equipment
According to the scale of production to determine the selected equipment production capacity and advanced equipment, reliability, quality and general-purpose, based on these conditions to determine the equipment is good.

3, buy concrete mixing plant only focus on price is not sensible
Remember that quality is the most powerful weapon to prove when choosing a concrete mixing plant.

Selection and purchase of commonly used equipment in concrete mixing station

How to choose the main machine and the batching machine of the concrete mixing station has been told. Here we will talk about how to choose the appropriate equipment for the concrete mixing station.

1, selection of cement or powder supply equipment in concrete mixing station
As one of the important raw materials of concrete, cement plays a very important role. The choice of cement supply equipment should be carefully treated. At present, cement bunker is used as storehouse for storing cement in concrete mixing plant. Its purchase needs special attention. We need to choose cement storehouse with good sealing and strong wall thickness. At the same time, as the powder conveyer, the screw conveyer requires compact structure, small cross section area, good sealing, flexible process layout, easy dismantling, loading and moving.
2, water and additive weighing equipment
In concrete mixing plant, the requirement of water weighing bucket body is not too strict. As a rule, for the additive bucket body, if it is corrosive, it needs strong anti-corrosion performance of raw materials, and the choice of pump and siphon pump needs the general standard of the national standard. The purpose is to ensure its quality, if the selection of non – standard small factory products, equipment easy to damage, update maintenance is more troublesome.
3, selection of concrete transportation equipment
The transportation equipment of the concrete mixing station must be selected according to the terrain and the construction equipment of the construction site. It is often used to carry the tanker. Of course, if there are other requirements, it can be selected according to the situation.

What maintenance measures are in the concrete mixing station?

When the concrete mixing station is used for a period of time, there will be some normal wear and tear. If the user can maintain the equipment in the ordinary work, the operation of the mixing station will be more smooth and the life of the equipment will be greatly extended. Here are the following points to ensure the good operation of the concrete mixing station.

1. Check the parts of the concrete mixing station. In the normal application period of the mixing station, it is necessary to see the fixing and connection of the machine parts before each initiation. The moving parts should be sensitive and unobstructed.
2, check the amount of fuel in the concrete mixing station. The fuel tank in the fuel tank should be sufficient, and the accumulated and filtered fuel should be added when the fuel is missing.
3, registered concrete mixing station oil road. Open the oil valve on the pipeline, unscrew bleed screw injection pump and oil filter (by manual pump oil with hand pump), the air is discharged in oil, and see no leakage phenomenon.
4. Check the cooling water. When the water is short, it is necessary to compensate for the soft water and see if there is any leakage.
5. Check the oil of the concrete mixing station. Pull out the dipstick for oil storage. If the height of the oil surface is lower than the standard sign, if the height of the oil surface exceeds the specification mark, the factor of oil increase should be identified and processed.
6. Artificial lubrication of concrete mixing station. Add lubricating oil to the part of the demand for artificial refueling.
7, clean up the sundries in the concrete mixing station. Check the machines around and above the concrete mixing station, such as something or other sundries, and store them well.
8. Artificial rolling. In the mixing station that can roll the crankshaft with manpower, a number of rolls should be rolled before the start of the machine, so as to improve the lubrication conditions of the conflicting parts and reduce the starting resistance. When rolling the crankshaft, the oil control arrangement should be placed in the discontinuation of the oil supply position, for example, the pressure relief arrangement should be placed under the pressure relief position.

How to investigate concrete mixing plant manufacturer?

Concrete mixing plant is a complete set of large-scale production equipment, huge investment, high value. In the purchase of concrete mixing plant, customers choose to go to the factory in Metropolitan field trips, in order to be the most intuitive assessment of product quality. So, in the concrete mixing plant manufacturers to conduct an investigation, are focused on what aspects?
First, see the business qualification.
General customers visit, the company will display the relevant certification qualifications, which is both a business card, but also enhance the first step in mutual trust, customers come in good faith, hope is a certification of qualified business cooperation.
Second, see the scale.
If you can visit the factory, we can find that the large-scale manufacturer’s team size and talent reserve are very good, and the high level of the workshop is very easy to read out. Imagine, a set of equipment from high-tech production lines, high-quality professionals and enterprises solemn promise, then he can rest assured that the quality of use.
Third, see the product’s success stories.
Some enterprises will be their own sales, foreign trade work to the e-commerce platform or trading company, they will not have corporate qualifications, but there is proof of cooperation with the manufacturers, and will store a large number of success stories, through the case can examine the overall strength of the company , You can also see if they have similar needs, can learn from the relevant experience.
Fourth, see sales service.
If the manufacturer can provide pre-sales, sale, sale and after-sales service to ensure that customers must be out of their own team and products are extremely responsible. It is also precisely because the product has a high quality, based on the manufacturers can have such confidence for their own products. Those who try to escape after-sales service manufacturers, it is best not to choose.

Concrete mixing station should pay attention to the use of environmental issues

With the increasingly serious environmental situation. The great economic development of our country is also carried out at the expense of our environmental destruction. With the deepening of the most stringent environmental law enforcement efforts, our concrete batching plant is also of great concern as a common environmental protection equipment for the infrastructure industry.

1. Dust handling improvements:
Aimed at the concrete mixing station in the fly ash, cement, mineral powder and dust in the station dust removal improvement measures.
(1)  Material yard and aggregate transportation and background yard packing.
(2)  Station dust easy to remove the need to install a dust collector, Sheng days in production have taken into account this.
(3)  Background material yard due to the semi-closed state, when installing the duster can be expected in the material yard and the material yard to install the upper spray equipment. To create the purpose of water curtain dust. The station can be equipped with high-pressure spray device, regularly clean up the station dust can also play the purpose of green vegetation.
2. Sewage Treatment Improvement Measures:
Sewage is divided into mixers and mixers to clean sewage and natural rainwater. Can be classified and collected through a reasonable sewage treatment directly to the production and use of vehicles and the main station to clean use. Realize the recycling of sewage, to achieve the goal of zero discharge of sewage from the whole station.
3. Waste treatment improvement measures:
Waste is mainly divided into the remaining waste tank mixer and sewage sedimentation of waste. These wastes can be pressure-filtered and classified as a feedstock to be properly equipped with concrete of different gauge sizes. Will not affect the quality of concrete, but also to achieve the entire station solid waste treatment problems.
4. Noise control improvements:
Noise is mainly the production of noise and vehicle noise. For the production of noise can be used in the entire station design, the use of concrete closed structure, as far as possible the noise control in the production of closed workshop, such as air compressor can be built closed plenum. Shock in the vibration damping pad to reduce the generation of noise. For vehicle noise, natural gas vehicles can be used to increase the station wall and reduce vehicle noise output.

How to effectively manage the mixing station?

Effective mixing station management measures is to ensure the quality of concrete, improve work efficiency, the key to achieving the goal of project quality. So how to effectively manage concrete mixing station?

1.Staff training
The current mixing plant configuration standards, the degree of automation are high, the content of information, the need for specialized management personnel to digest the data, so efficient management of mixing station is a prerequisite for training a group of highly qualified staff, the company should prepare the project Training plan and proper training and assessment focused, and gradually improve the management level of mixing station.
2.Working procedure
The mixing plant should work out plans on a monthly basis, organize the production of concrete according to the work plan, provide monthly demand plans for raw materials, reasonably arrange the maintenance, Maintenance, work tasks light, do a good job staff training. In strict accordance with the instructions for use and maintenance of machinery, storage of some wearing parts, according to the rules and regulations safe operating procedures, norms.
3. Effective implementation of management measures
The concrete mixing plant shall take measures to ensure the effective operation of the quality management system and evaluate the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of the system on a regular basis and report the inappropriate documents to the QA Association in time for amendment. Mixing station staff must give top priority to quality. Individuals and groups that award rewards for quality achievements are to be punished for groups and individuals who neglect product quality, neglect their duties, and have serious repercussions.

How to control the cost of concrete mixing plant?

In the concrete mixing plant production process, cost control is very important, cost control is the cost control as the main means of cost management. At present, the concrete market is highly competitive. In order to improve the competitiveness of the mixing plant in the fierce competition, production cost and safety risk control in the process of production and transportation of the concrete mixing plant must be strengthened. In the following, we will discuss concretely how to carry out the concrete Cost Control.

(1) to control the incidence of accidents
Concrete mixing plant mainly refers to the accident by the compensation, additional testing, site repair, use of marking, pour ash and ash and other objective factors and subjective factors on the business losses. After the accident, it should be fundamental to find out the cause of the accident is due to the level of production management, quality control or technical reasons, analyze the reasons for the accident and then conduct an appropriate and objective investigation of accountability. In order to improve the convenience of analysis of the cause of the accident, quantitative management analysis should be conducted as much as possible to provide decision makers with the digital form of the cause of the accident.
(2) strict control of the construction process of concrete
For the concrete construction process from the measurement, mixing, pouring and conservation of the four aspects of strict control. In the concrete mixing plant site are basically used for loading operation of the loader, although the mixing station itself has automatic metering device, but in the process of loading, the loader hopper is relatively small, large loader bucket, There is no baffle placed between the batching hoppers. The mixing of stones and sand during loading is very common, seriously affecting the accuracy of metering and the strength grade and pumpability of concrete. Therefore, during the mixing process, the problem of pipeline blockage is generally solved by increasing the sand rate or the amount of cement used, which greatly increases the cost of the concrete for the concrete mixing plant. In the actual operation of concrete mixing, due to not in accordance with the relevant provisions in the shortest mixing time to operate, leading to blockage of the pipe and concrete pumpability, workability and other issues arise.

(3) strict control of material procurement
Purchased materials are additives, water, fly ash, slag, sand, cement, in the selection of raw materials, to go through many considerations, such as cost-effective, especially in the procurement of cement, cement is an essential material for concrete In the selection should be considered carefully and strictly.

(4) Reasonable control of the concrete mix
The development of the construction industry, optimizing the cost of concrete has become an important consideration. Concrete batching plant Calculating the cost of concrete is very important basis for the concrete mix, concrete mix is ​​an important part of cost control, but it also determines the specific circumstances of the amount of concrete raw materials, reflecting the technical level of a company and the project. In order to effectively control the mix ratio of concrete, the mix ratio of each concrete can be used in each working class to carry out the extraction test.

(5) Innovate the model of cost management
Current stage of concrete mixing plant cost management model are the main commission processing combined plant production management mode, commissioned the processing of self-built mixing station production management mode, self-processing mixing station production management mode of these three. You can make the appropriate changes in these three modes to find the most suitable for their own trip.