Cement mixing plant commissioning tests

Cement mixing plant after the installation, should according to the electrical wiring, piping interface in a record, to confirm the correctness interface, ensure no leakage, receive, and correct answer.Then check that the power supply voltage, capacity meets the requirements, the reliability of the electric leakage protection devices, the last adjustment of the operation.Running debugging programs and steps as follows:
plant batcher
2.1 start the air compressor. Adjust the gas work quality, pneumatic air tightness test;
2.2 test bin discharging door operation, ensure the discharging door open flexible, closed tightly;
2.3 test flat belt conveyor, inclined belt conveyor, ensure accurate belt running direction and no abnormal sound.No running deviation phenomenon;
2.4 test host running idle running flat ones. No ring.
2.5 meter check cement, fly ash meter t fights, the installation of water meter and additive t bucket. Make sure that the meter and no interference with other parts, test the discharge door.Confirm the discharging door open flexible, closed tightly;
2.6 start pump, additives.Test pipeline leaks, the solenoid switch should be flexible, closely;
2.7 in the case of power cuts. First artificial turn the screw conveyor screw axis, after electrify spiral conveyor operation. Ensure that the spiral blade with wall friction.

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