Cement Mixing Plant Installation Specification

  1. The equipment must be installed by a qualified Review about the embedded parts or bolt size, specifications and the certificate of approval of raw materials.hzs90
  2. Preparation of cement mixing plant installation scheme includesproject overview, mixing station, personnel organization, the installation process and order and safety technical measures and manual, etc.
  3. Plan reviewmust be approved by the equipment, safety, technology department, and it can be implemented only after the approval by the chief engineer of the installation.
  4. Before installation, the installation team captain called the head of civil engineering construction and technical directorto install, the installation personnel must hold relevant certificates, be more familiar with mixing station installation requirements, installation process and matters needing attention.
  5. A comprehensive inspectionfor the concrete mixing equipment, such as metal structure with and without distortion, deformation, cracks and serious corrosion; to check safety technical requirements for rail, the ladder, platform; Screw fasteners silking in good condition, high-strength screws are strictly forbidden to reuse; Support parts in good condition and without deformation and crack; Lug comply with relevant safety technical requirements.

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