Centralized type computer control system of concrete batching plant for sale

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Distributed microcomputer control system: it is widely used in the design of mixing plant in the early times.The core of the control system is a programmable controller, a computer only as a management report printing, function and effects of computer is not obvious.With the wide application of commodity concrete, it also requires more functions for concrete mixing plant, this type of control system is not suitable for complicated operation.
concrete batching plant
Centralized computer control system: it gathers computer control and management functions in one computer, so the tasks are relatively heavy. At the same time, it can not report data during the production process. For example: the preparation of metering control program, signal amplifier and A / D board accuracy, will affect the measurement accuracy.
control system
Centralized double microcomputer control system: it solves the problem of calculation caused by human. It adopts special ingredients control instrument, and there are two computers for the production control and management functions, therefore, there is no mutual interference, production control and report statistics can work simultaneously.

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