Characteristics and use of stabilized soil mixing plant

The stability soil mixing station is defined as a set of machines and equipment for producing stable soil. It is a stable soil for mixing various mixtures. It includes cement tank, metering and conveying equipment, and mixing equipment. Its production capacity is usually calculated according to a unit hour, and the production energy is from 300t/h to 600t/h.
Stabilized soil mixing station use standard has four characteristics:
1, Good weather, avoid generate dust production in windy weather, pollution of the environment.
2, Mixing station construction in places far away from residential areas. The stable soil mixing station is mainly used to build the stable and continuous production and mixing of high grade highway, urban and rural road, airport runway and gravel. It can also be used in the production of lime soil stable layer and the production of compacted concrete. It adopts advanced industrial computer control system to realize the automatic ratio of aggregate, cement and water. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, good reliability, uniform mixing, convenient operation, good environmental protection and high production efficiency. It is especially suitable for large flow and continuous operation. It is a necessary ideal equipment for building high grade highway.
3, In a timely manner to in mixing station field garbage cleaning and transportation to muck consumptive field;
4 , lime pile covered when necessary storage shed lime plant. Sprinkle water for field and construction roads, keep wetting and prevent dust. How to operate the stable soil mixing station, it can be divided into the following principle: the self falling mixer and the forced mixer; the drum type, the cone type and the disc type can be divided according to the shape of the mixing bucket. When the stabilized soil mixing station is used, the requirement of the soil is to be paid attention.
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