Check in the Production of Concrete Mixing Station

In order to improve the production efficiency and ensure safety in production, Camelway Machinery will make a plan for you.production

There are six rules for safety equipment in concrete mixing station:
1, the hopper, the lower limit and the limit switch should be active ministries reliable;
2, the hopper and the rope should be consistent with the relevant rules of section 6.1.8 of the Regulations;
3, the protective cover and safety equipment should be completely, intact, firm;
4, concrete mixing station should be equipped with lightning protection equipment; lightning protection and grounding equipment for the connection of PE, as repeated grounding line should be together, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 10Ω;
5, concrete mixing station should be equipped with suitable devices;
6, leakage protection parameters should match the device, equipment should be accurate and reliable, action should be active.

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