Commercial concrete mixing plant investment cost

Building a tens of millions of bituminous concrete mixing station and for some customers, facing a huge risk, how to reduce the production cost of concrete mixing station, zhengzhou CamelWay built machine tells you should consider from the following two aspects:
90 batching plant
1, raw materials, we know the use of raw materials mixing station with sand, stone, carbon residue, coal ash, additives and water.The sand, stone material, there will be in the process of transportation, timely cleaning the recycling is necessary;Also need to build sand separation pool, sand water tank on recycling, has a great could save millions of dollars a year.
2, equipment: equipment to reduce the production cost is mainly manifested in the aspect of equipment maintenance, bituminous concrete mixing station should do well in the daily maintenance work, timely cleaning, check in time, so as not to cause equipment paralysis, leading to spend a lot of maintenance costs station, will not cause we can’t normal production.
Machine according to the Great Wall built years experience for users to investment concrete mixing station is given a set of investment cost control and forecasting methods, this method is mainly from equipment selection, late fees and equipment, etc, customers according to actual situation analysis.
1, the user must first consider the market demand for concrete, and then according to the demand of the market to obtain relevant data.Consulting different manufacturers according to the data, choose a big manufacturer of equipment, because big manufacturer equipment stability and long service life and choose big manufacturer from a long-term perspective, the most cost-effective equipment quality guaranteed.
2, the number of transport.The hand, when we in the production of raw materials and supplies need to have transportation equipment to meet user needs, when the choice to have as much stretch space to be a rainy day.
3, the arrangement of the concrete mixing plant equipment operating personnel related costs.This link while seemingly simple, but it is about the future production efficiency.So a better professional work team is indispensable.
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Currently manufacturers more and more station, offer more options for the user to choose equipment, the Camelway built machine engaged in mixing equipment more than 30 years of production, we advocate and strictly enforce attentively complete equipment for concrete mixing station.Great Wall built machine manufacturer – concrete mixing station management policy and commitment: to the managing policy of “high quality, low price, service in the contract and keep credibility management principle to unity, pioneering and innovative spirit of enterprise, and go forward hand in hand in the construction of new and old friends, customers in the economic, mutual support and common development.

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