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Commercial cement plant adopts horizontal twin shaft concrete mixer and the concrete mixer has strong mixing capability, uniform mixing quality, high productivity. Twin shaft concrete mixer is suitable to mix dry, semidry hard, plastic and various ratio of concrete. The adhesion prevention technology of mixing shaft will effectively prevent the caking of cement on the shaft. The shaft end sealing adopts unique multiple sealing structure, which effectively prevent mortar leakage and ensure the mixing system. Cleaning system uses high pressure water pump which can be automatically controlled and manually controlled. The water outlets are above the stirring shaft, thus enhancing mixing efficiency and reducing dust pollution.
concrete batching plant
There are platforms and maintenance ladder for commercial cement plant’s maintenance and repair, which provides convenient to commercial cement plant’s maintenance and repair. From feeding, mixing to discharging, all materials are run in closed environment, which can effectively prevent materials being scattered everywhere and reduce noise pollution.

The commercial cement plant adopts computer control system. So commercial cement mixer can both be automatically controlled and manually operated. The operation is simple and convenient. Dynamic panel is able to display running conditions of each component. The control system can store a variety of data. Commercial cement plant users can print various report data according to requirements. The control room of commercial cement plant is spacious and bright and equipped with air conditioning, which can ensure electrical components be durable and have stable reliable performance.

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