Common fault analysis and treatment scheme for crusher

1. Fracture treatment of hammer head assembly of hammer crusher
Hammer head: using materials with better impact resistance and wear resistance, hammer toughening treatment to eliminate internal stress, increase the size of the hammer head, increase the wall thickness of the easily broken two sidewalls, in order to improve the hammer head Impact resistance.
Hammer shank: Use 35 steel bar material with better impact performance, forging and forming, normalizing, eliminating internal stress, increasing the size of the hammer shank, increasing the impact resistance of the hammer shank, and increasing the shoulder size of the hammer shank. To enhance the buffering capacity.
2. Dipping process for funnel and chute:
(1) Improvement of the feed inlet of the crusher. The structure of the feed chute of the inclined chute has been changed to a large incline chute. The funnel of the crusher discharge funnel has changed from the original inverted conical shape to the forward conical shape. Increase it several times to avoid sticking the material flying from the grinder at high speed on the funnel;
(2) Feeding chute, the material dropping funnel and the electric material dividing board are inlaid with 3mm thick stainless steel liner to slow the material adhesion;
(3) Install multiple sets of radiators on the outside of the feed chute, to eliminate the adverse effects caused by the combination of coal moisture, easy bonding, and difficult removal in winter;
(4) Increase multiple inspections on the chute and funnel to clear the hole.

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