Common problem and price of forced mixing console

1, the discharge capacity of the production capacity in more than 50 m after/h of large and medium-sized commercial concrete mixing station, appropriate chooses discharging capacity in more than 1 cubic mixer is more economic.
2, the number of mixer blender in use process must be shut down for maintenance. So take more than two (2) concrete mixer, make the production without interruption.
3, model, in order to ensure the normal production, the demand equipment reliable operation. Maintenance make, must choose both advanced and mature concrete mixer.In domestic blender, selects the tilting drum mixer and turboprop mixer as well.Tilting drum mixer, in particular, has a simple structure, less vulnerable parts, reliable operation, easy maintenance, has a wide applicable range and low power consumption, give priority to choose the models.Horizontal-axis forced mixer fell to a great extent, overcome the tilting cylinder type and embellish pulp forced the disadvantages of concrete mixed with machine, is a kind of very promising mixer.
4, varieties and concrete slump tilting drum mixer is suitable for the production of ordinary concrete, not suitable for production of dry concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete production.Vortex slurry mixer is suitable for dry concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete production, not suitable for production big fluidity of concrete.Horizontal spindle agitator can produce all kinds of concrete above, wide application scope.
5, the largest aggregate diameter of discharge capacity for various mixer allows the largest aggregate diameter of 80/60 mm.
6, concrete transportation and irrigation method of various concrete transportation and irrigation machine has certain requirements on the properties of concrete, when choosing a blender should satisfy these requirements.
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7, the technological process of concrete mixing building process has ChanJie type and double order type two kinds.Large and medium-sized commercial concrete mixing building mostly adopted ChanJie type process.General ChanJie type process of concrete mixer adopts radial layout.Double cascade process mixer adopts a column type arrangement.Tilting drum mixer especially suitable for radial decorate, such a few close mixer can share a set of storage bin, weighing device and hopper.In a single stage process, such as with vortex impeller or horizontal spindle agitator, appropriate chooses the single agitator large capacity, or to increase storage bin, weighing device and discharging with bucket and other equipment.
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