Common Problems of Concrete Mixing Station

As the second important machine in the concrete mixing station, concrete dosing machine plays an important role for the normal operation of the concrete mixing station. If there is a problem in the operation, and cannot be settled in a timely manner, it will directly affect the work of the concrete mixing station.

Fault one: during running automatically, the dosing machine aggregate surge bin discharges and all the aggregate weighing displays zero.

Solution 1: if the electromagnetic directional valve is not reversing, there needs to replace the solenoid valve. If it is the cylinder gas leakage, there needs to consider the repair or replace cylinder.

Solution 2: check whether the position of the magnetic switch and its wiring is correct.

Fault 2: dosing machine weighing is not accurate

Solution: focus on some parameters such as whether super bad delay time is correct, if parameter is improper, refer value to change; check whether the set materials value is too small, and also should check whether the surge bin reserves is stable; check whether warehouse material is qualitative evenly; after change the formula, whether there is the gap measurement.

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