Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher

The cone crusher is a new type of crushing equipment that has recently been researched. Its crushing capacity is relatively strong and crushing is relatively high. The crusher is developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing various types of cone crushers with international advanced level in the 1980s . In the hard ore, slag, refractories fine broken fine work is very good.
Cone crusher can be divided into several categories in the above categories: spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and compound cone crusher, if the model is subdivided, then it can be divided into ordinary PY cone crusher, spring cone crusher, composite Cone crusher, standard hydraulic cone crusher, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and many other models.
Since the advent of the cone crusher in the early 1980s to the mid-1980s, the mechanical spring cone crusher has been playing a leading role. The hydraulic cone crusher has been at a relatively disadvantageous position because of its own technical limitations. With the continuous improvement and perfection of the structure of the mechanical spring cone crusher, this type of cone crusher is widely used and recognized throughout the world. However, mechanical spring cone crushers also have some major problems:
1. The over-iron protection stroke of the spring is too small;
2. It is necessary to limit the rotation speed of the main shaft and the movable cone assembly so as not to burn the copper sleeve in the flying car;
3. Once the crushing chamber is blocked, cleaning is difficult;
4. It is inconvenient to adjust the discharge port.
5. Fixed cone removal takes too long;
6. The water ring seal is often mixed into the lubricating oil, causing a waste of lubricating oil.
Cone crusher With the rapid development of computer technology, hydraulic cone crusher began to move toward the front desk. The hydraulic cone crusher is the perfect combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing chamber type. It adopts special laminating and crushing principle. The crushing between particles makes the finished product more beautiful and the gradation is more reasonable; the hydraulic and lubrication system with double insurance control It ensures overload protection and good lubrication. However, hydraulic cylinder manufacturing technology, which is the main component of hydraulic cone crusher, can not produce hydraulic cylinders with stable performance at present, which makes domestic hydraulic cone crushers generally less stable than spring cone crushers.
Hydraulic cone crusher is mainly used in the production line of stone crusher. The equipment has a strong production capacity. Light weight, small size and small size are the most significant characteristics of hydraulic cone crusher. This is also its advantage compared with the common cone crusher. For the cone crusher, it will be inevitable that there will be different sizes in the process of use. So I can tell you the solution to the problem of the hydraulic cone crusher.
The hydraulic system used in the hydraulic cone crusher allows the cone crusher equipment to achieve high output and high efficiency. The hydraulic cone crushing system includes an oil pump. Auxiliary oil pumps, hydraulic motors, once the system fails, it will greatly reduce the use of hydraulic cone crusher, while reducing the life of the crusher equipment. Proper use of a hydraulic cone crusher can increase its service life.
The hydraulic cone crushes the common trouble to come to you to solve the problem. First of all, the over-thin or over-dilution of the hydraulic oil will affect the working efficiency of the equipment, and even result in the inability to work. Secondly, the rubber seals are rapidly worn and aging phenomena occur, affecting production. Possible cause of failure: Partial expansion and deformation due to overheating. Then the hydraulic system does not work properly. Possible malfunction measures: Deposits from the oxidized hydraulic fluid clog the filter.
At present, with regard to these problems of hydraulic cone crushers, as long as timely inspections are performed and damaged parts are promptly replaced, the failure of the hydraulic cone crusher and damage to the machine can be greatly reduced.

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