Competitive Advantage of CamelWay Concrete Mixer Truck

180batching plant
1) For producing mixing tank and mixing blade, our factory use B520JJ alloy steel as material, other factories use Q235 carbon steel. B520JJ alloy steel is 1 ~ 2 times stronger than Q235 carbon steel. Our mixing tank ’ s life can be 50 ~ 80 thousand cubic meters, our mixing blade ’ s life can be 30 ~ 40 thousand cubic meters.
2) Mixing tank is equipped with sectional mold tooling which ensures the tank round and coaxial. Automatic welding ensures the weld seam smooth, beautiful and stronger. Other factories don’t use sectional mold tooling and automatic welding.
3) 3D mixing technology ensures uniform mixing, input rate ≥ 8m3 / min, output rate ≥ 5m3 / min, residual rate ≤ 0 . 45 %, Slump 50 mm ~ 220 mm. We weld special wear rib on the edge of mixing blade which makes the mixing blade’s life increasing more than 12 % . Other factories don ’ t have 3D mixing technology and special wear rib.
4) Reducer, hydraulic pump and motor are optional base on customers ’ requirements.
Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery is an excellent concrete batching plant manufacturer, and the company has many types of concrete mixing plants for customers to choose. If you have any demand, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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