Compulsory Concrete Mixer Operating Voltage Requirements

Compulsory concrete mixer operating voltage is directly related to the service life and the stability of production. As a compulsory concrete mixer operator, it is necessary to clear the following things:compulsory concrete mixer

First, when compulsory concrete mixer in the normal operation, the motor temperature rise is not beyond the allowable limit.

Second, to check the load current of concrete mixer motor. The load current of the motor should not be beyond the rated current value provided by the nameplate.

Third, to supervise of power supply voltage. The change of frequency and the imbalance of    voltage degree will cause overheating or other abnormal appearances.

Fourth, pay attention to the smell,vibration and noise of the motor.

Fifth, to keep forced mixer bearing smooth, smooth timing to replace oil.

Sixth, pay attention to clean inside of the motor. There is no water, oil and debris into the internal concrete mixer motor. Blender motor inlet and outlet often dredge.

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