concrete batch plant production rate

HZS25 concrete mixing plant applies to all kinds of prefabricated factories and roads, bridges, water conservancy, ports and other industrial and civil construction projects, there are 25 high-quality high-quality concrete mixing station, with dry concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete mortar. HZS25 concrete mixing station with automatic feeding function, it is proposed to combine biaxial mixer and batching machine ingredients mixing station, to maximize the advantages of batching machines and mixers.

HZS35 concrete mixing station is the main station 35 host equipment, ingredients, screw conveyor, and other related products composed of theoretical productivity is 35m3 / h. Three strong HZS35 host station is JS750 compulsory twin shaft concrete mixer, every discharge 0.75m3; batching machine is PLD1200 three positions batching machine, cement screw conveyor is transporting cement from the cement storage deposit metering, scales; for small and medium scale construction, precast concrete factory and commodity manufacturers.

CamelWay HZS50 concrete mixing stations are: host, ingredients, screw conveyor, water metering, metering additives, cement silo and the like. HZS50 concrete mixing station theoretical productivity is 50m3 / h. HZS50 concrete mixing station master model is JS1000-type twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, good mixing quality and high efficiency; batching machine model PLD1600 concrete batching machine, the ingredients evenly. 5 full set of equipment and high production efficiency.

CamelWay HZS60 concrete mixing station machine with dual computer control system, when the dual-switch, the system can automatically ensure that no effect of the ongoing production control. Dynamic panel display, a clear understanding of the operation of each part. Intuitive control interface, can clear, accurate observation site workflow. Report printing can be managed.

CamelWay HZS75 concrete mixing plant is composed of ingredients, mixing, part of the electrical control system of automatic concrete mixing equipment, simultaneously with a separate manual control, automatic fall compensation, sand containing water rate, can be done automatically once a predetermined tank production .
Theoretical productivity of the mixing station 75 cubic meters / hour, discharge height of 3.8 meters, storage hopper capacity of 8 cubic warehouse * 3 or 4 positions, supporting the host is a type JS1500 compulsory twin-shaft mixer.

HZS90 concrete mixing plant, the theoretical model of 90 cubic meters of equipment productivity per hour; mixing host JS1500 forced mixer, nominal capacity of 1500L; batching machine ingredients capacity of 2400L, screw conveyor maximum production capacity of 80t / h, the maximum particle size (0 ~ 900) ± 1% kg, Weighing range and accuracy 0 × 5000 ± 2%, HZS90 goods Concrete mixing plant discharge height of 3.8 meters, you can increase or decrease the height to meet the needs of the discharge conveyor. The standard reference total weight of 97 × 103kg, need a strong and stable base mixing station.

HZS120 concrete mixing plant :Mixer Model: JS2000;Total Power(KW): 74;Theory Productivity(m3/h): ≥ 120;Measurement(m): 80*34*95;Delivery Time(day): 12

CamelWay HZS180 series of concrete mixing station Theoretical productivity 180m³ / h, mixer model JS3000, mixing console power of 110KW, total power the entire device is 200KW, the number of bins batching machine is 4 cells, batching capability 240m3, cement weighing range and accuracy ( 0 ~ 1500) ± 1% kg, additive weighing range and accuracy (0 ~ 50) ± 1% kg, discharge height of 4 meters, with a spiral pump can transport to a higher level.



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