Concrete Batching Machine Water Consumption

How is the ratio of concrete batching machine? As a China-based professional hopper concrete mixing plant manufacturer and supplier, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture also provide screw conveyor, concrete mixer truck, concrete block making machine, concrete mixing plant and cement silo, etc. Next, the company will tell you how much water the concrete batching machine need.


For liquidity concrete, concrete batching machine water consumption should be calculated by the following steps:

  • According to the above table slump of concrete batching machine based on the water consumption of 90 mm, the slump increases every 20 mm water consumption increase 5 kg, calculated mineral admixture of concrete the size of water;
  •  When add admixture, concrete water consumption can be press type calculation: mwa = mw0 (1 – beta) : mwa ─ ─ admixture per cubic meter of concrete admixtures and water consumption (kg);Mw0 ─ ─ not when mixing admixture per cubic meter of concrete water consumption (kg);Beta ─ ─ admixture water reducing rate, beta = 10.00%.
  • The water reducing rate of admixture shall be determined by way of experiment.Due to concrete batching machine concrete water-cement ratio calculated value is less than 0.40, so the water from the test data mw0 = 150.00 kg.Mwa = 150 x (1-0.10) = 135.00 kg.

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