Concrete Batching Plant Cleaning

The equipment maintenance to the host of concrete mixing plant is the effective means to recover its technical performance and prolong the service life. Improper maintenance will reduce the reliability, reduce the service life, and even cause mechanical accident. Today,  Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will introduce the concrete mixing station equipment cleaning methods:

concrete batching plant

A working period, mixing station host should be cleaned at least once. After the daily production, the host should be cleaned. In the process of cleaning, put a little stones and water within the host and stirring 5 ~ 10 min, after cleaning, the machine without product material.

To flush pipe after turning down the machine, remove the dust and adhesion of the concrete inside and outside the drum. In general, JS1000 type mixing console about 150 ~ 180 kg of water, other types of host can increase or decrease accordingly, also can bring your own water cannons to clean up. When washing mixing console material door, should avoid material forming foreign body to block the material door.

Concrete mixing station equipment during normal production, concrete solidification conditions of the mixing barrel and mixing shaft should be inspected regularly.  Before manually clean the mixing barrel, must cut off power supply, gas path, put the net gas, lock the control room; It is strictly prohibited to violently hit the stirring shaft, the mixing blades, and stirring arm.

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