Concrete batching plant for Guangdong highway engineering project

Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery sale a set of complete concrete mixing equipment for Changda Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. Guangdong Changda Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. is qualified for national highway engineering general contract and Class-A qualification of highway design, a large enterprise with the power of conducting foreign trade. It takes on construction works of important highways, bridges, and tunnels in China. Based on the strict control on construction processes, engineering materials, and product quality, Guangdong Changda has participated in more than 270 super-long span and long span bridge projects, and has been awarded by more than 90 national and provincial Science & Technology Progress Awards, 34 patents of invention, 2 Ruban Awards, and 7 CCES Zhan Tianyou Awards. It is the only Chinese company who won Spanish 9th International Architectural Award in 1997.
batching plant
The remarkable Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge is a world class cross-boarder and cross-sea corridor covering various projects including highways, bridges, tunnels, and islands. Guangdong Changda contracts to build CB04, CB05, and CB07 section.
The pavement of the Bridge is laying type asphalt concrete, which is to lay and pave asphalt concrete on the steel plate. This technology has high demands on the aggregate performance. The Changda aggregate plant in Zhongshan was established to produce special aggregates of various specifications for the building section. In view of global advantages the NFLG has on the shaping and sand-making technology, the Changda aggregate plant in Zhongshan adopted coarse and fine aggregate production line designed by it.
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