Concrete batching plant for sale with belt conveyer in mongolia

The conveyer belt type concrete mixing station : its structure is that the upper is raw material storage hopper, the lower part is the metering hopper, and the bottom is the conveyor belt for unloading, the storage hopper is used for the storage of raw materials to be matched, bottom mouth founder of storage hopper rightly faced the batching conveying belt.
90 concrete batching plant
The principle: In the beginning of batching, the belt starts, and the belt stops when the raw material in the storage hopper achieved the setting value, and then under the control of control instrument, orderly batching several materials, and when all the material is configured, the instrument control will start the unloading belt to send the material to the next link.
In order to reduce the procurement costs, most of such batching machine users all hope to use the metering hopper of batching machine to simultaneously measure the bulk cement, the concrete screw conveyor will transport the cement in cement silo into the metering hopper, but we generally do not advocate this usage, because the cement fluidity is good, will cause the metering hopper and a conveying belt gap has a small mouth cement overflow, and causing the site dust pollution or cement loss. If you must use this method, you should use the groove belt roller, and the bucket mouth should add the soft thin rib, this can control the cement leakage.
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